These PIIGS Are Going to Need a Lot of Lipstick

These PIIGS Are Going to Need a Lot of Lipstick


“clears the way for a permanent bailout fund of some 500 billion euros to support countries in the EU … a good day for Germany and it is a good day for Europe,” German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said … loading up on gold stocks”

permanent bailout fund bulls, is a financing trick paid by bankrupt countries which can not pay for it, the money has never reached the people but only the pockets of banksters, place holders for christian mafia nazi churches, the number one of, the pedophile genocide usury shit-state of the vatican (those are pigs, instead than piigs.)

good day for Germany yup, the spring of she-hitler

loading up on gold stocks those will end up like good boy adolph gold certificates of the second war, only morons can touch such paper, make sure not to be the next bankster of god hanging from a bridGE with a BRIC in your pockets

These PIIGS Are Going to Need a Lot of Lipstick there is not enough lipstick on earth, to cover their shit

Not worth to cover europe any longer, a waste of good time with idiots, short them if you want to get back a penny from your investments, they are cooked


NATO leaders call on Kiev to show “utmost restraint” in its military operation

NATO leaders call on Kiev to show “utmost restraint” in its military operation


“We encourage Ukraine to further promote an inclusive political process, based on democratic values and respect for human rights, minorities, and the rule of law,” the document says. “We welcome (Ukrainian) President (Petro) Poroshenko’s Peace Plan and call on all parties to meet their commitments, including those made in Geneva and Berlin. We call on Russia to engage in a constructive dialogue with the Ukrainian government.”

It is hard to understand if NATO is reasoning on it’s own, or it reflects the ‘orders’ of the US administration, itself a corrupted puppet of nazi christian mafia interests, of 300 families of wall street genocide bankers oil tycoons, of which the pope of the satanic treasonous mafioso pedophile genocide state of the vatican is one of the accomplices, if not the chief crook.

It would be advisable Europe would separate itself from NATO, creating it’s own structure under French and British nuclear power, in order not to be defrauded by the US christian nazi banking treasonous wall street nazi christian mafia interests, and taken into another war in Europe that would only enrich wall street christian mobster oil bankers, and the treasonous parasite rogue state of the vatican, pedophile, genocide, mafioso, and it’s predatory banking racket of the mafia and god.

Gorbachev on Ukraine: Terrifying massacre in store for Europe


It is also noticeable the treasonous US ally, manipulated by catholic/christian nazi holy wars interests, and banking/predation nazi war profits interests, is trying everything it can, to foment a war in ukraine, with the hidden purpose of provocation towards the final target of a destruction of europe, and it is known, that the nazi american christian filth party, the nazi GOP corrupted by the christian racket mob of a god pig like them, and the nazi banksters of the petroleum racket, are behind the financing of ukraine kiev neo-nazi parties and terrorism.

Such an idiotic policy from the part of the US administration, may end in the US not having any more presence in europe, something NATO christian nazi puppetmasters in DC may want to consider, besides probably changing all assets for future trade. Reason would indicate in the vatican, wall street, DC, florida, nebraska, and all the bases in europe, the most likely targets of a first strike, or light retaliation, hopefully, if putin is not their accomplice too.

Troubling Signs for a Europe ETF

Troubling Signs for a Europe ETF


“Putting EZU’s weakness in fundamental terms is not difficult. France and Germany combine for over 61% of the ETF’s weight. Italy chimes in at 7.6%. Add Italy and Spain’s weights in EZU and the number is 19.2%, which is problematic at a time of weakness for PIIGS equities. [France ETF Could Lag Europe Rivals] Weakness in the volatile PIIGS equity markets is sapping EZU’s relative strength. “It is also interesting how the relative strength breakdown was an early indication of the price weakness to follow,” notes J. Beck. Investors have not been shy about pulling capital from EZU. The ETF saw redemptions of $921.4 million last week. The ETF has lost $1.6 billion this quarter, but EZU is far from the only Europe ETF investors are departing.”

Well, if there is any common sense left, the EC ran by christian populist parasites, with a ‘non economy’ in the richest zones (based mainly on predatory practices and legalized banking robberies in the poor zones,) added to the bankruptcy impending of the PIIGS zone, minus ireland, would suggest anybody reasonable to move someplace else.

The EC had a great opportunity with the 2014 elections, but wasted it, because apparently the christian banking nazi neocons mafia (mainly vatican catholic pigs religion related countries,) has corrupted even the progressive areas, into it’s idiocy of negating common EU debt and QE. As it stands, the EC is trending to technical bankruptcy, before 2017.

Italy cancels the country history (the colonialism nazi-vatican nazi-christian is revising history as usual)

Italy losing it’s national identity memory


“Con il taglio dei finanziamenti entro l’anno potrebbe chiudere l’Archivio Centrale dello Stato, la struttura che conserva la storia del Paese attraverso milioni di documenti.”

However the parasites remain, the taxpayer moneys to the pedophile genocide vatican parody of a state and parody of a religion, still there, the 25 pensions of mafioso barons and church kissass gnomes of the pedophile genocide predatory mafia racket state of the Vatican, the parody of a religion, the ‘prostitute of Babylon’ racket of satanic worshipers sold to the chickenbrains as ‘godly’, the ‘new world order’ christo-usury-massacre plan of the conspiracy of nazi wall street and german banksters, with the christo-pedophile genocide vatican sub-humans, still there, they always find moneys for themselves, the treasonous catholic mafioso racket of godly pigs.

‘Plausible denial’ move meant to ‘destroy’ the historical existence of the Italian nation, in order to impose the ‘revision’ of history by the vatican rogue state of predators genocide pigs, (obviously they want to erase the proofs of their christo-pigs crimes,) hallelujah.

And ‘yes,’ cato-marxism and nazism are the same thing, same ‘architects’ pedophile and genocides at the vatican satanic apostasy. Is time of payback, now ‘we’ ask the rogue genocide pedophile state of the vatican to be bombed, once each, our turn now.

As far as the ‘Italian nation’ should be concerned, catholicism and vatican are synonyms of ‘treason.’

Why isn’t all government software open source?

Why isn’t all government software open source?


“before the first line of code is ever written, the odds are stacked against the project from ever seeing the outside of the agency’s firewall … open sourcing these solutions the first time around could potentially decrease the demand for that same code being written a second time at the taxpayer’s expense … Why isn’t all government software open source? Because you’ve got an entire value chain designed to produce closed source software, a system at equilibrium, with few incentives to rethink itself”

Pretty much, without even counting ‘corruption,’ in the 80s and 90s things were different, today, there is not even ‘legal standing’ in most of PA choices of closed $oftware, if not political foraging of protected companie$.

However the (obvious) process is hard to implement because of diffused moronity within employees of public administration, which explains the success of the $impleton operating $ystem, besides conflict of interest produced by the usual corruption and false claims data of corrupted press and media.

The solution could be quite simple, can not use anything different than the $impleton operating $ystem ?, fine, transferred or fired, cheaper than training morons.

Friends & Friction: Lessons from Piigs and Niggers

Friends & Friction: Lessons from Piigs and Niggers


“Another group of countries from which South Africa must learn is what I call the Niggers (Nigeria, India, Ghana, Guyana, Equatorial Guinea, Russia and Sudan). These had all the resources in the world yet dismally failed their people … South Africa has done much better than Nigeria because our leadership has largely been committed to the people … India, which gained independence nearly 70 years ago, brags about being the largest democracy in the world but still has untold levels of poverty. The country is proof that democracy can inadvertently keep the vast majority in perpetual poverty … When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia created oligarchs who looted state resources in the name of privatization. South Africa basically outsourced the state by putting everything out to tender without the necessary skills to police delivery. The result has been dismal. In the next five years, President Jacob Zuma and his party must ensure economic empowerment spreads more evenly.”

Well, the root problems are always the same, quackery based on dogma of over-procreation and overpopulation, and parasitism based on dogma of the discredited neither art nor science, economics charlatan dogma, resulting in absence of ‘thermodynamic efficiency’ in the process of production and trade.

The above are results of a number of rackets of parasites, such as political classes of incompetents thieves, mafia rackets of religion bastards and predatory criminal cartels of banking vultures directing a scheme of corruption, impoverishment, inefficiency, scarcity, and enslavement for pure greed and dominion agendas, plus various gnomes belonging to the corrupted media, finance and education system, besides other privileged clubs of vultures, sons of the white swan, a predatory self-referenced agenda where the people victims are floating the bill of the above psychopaths ‘merits’ and ‘not negotiability,’ with blood of predation, abuse and genocide.

My recommendation for all countries in serious distress, are:

1) State of emergency.
2) Confiscation trough nationalization of the national banking system.
3) Revocation of all licenses for foreign banking systems.
4) Penalization of banking and against humanity crimes, with transfer of jurisdiction to tribunals of war.
5) ‘Conflict of interest’ compartmentalization between financial sector, justice, religion, political system and educational system, which prevents for twenty years the access from one sector to the other.
6) Loss of ‘religion/banking/educational’ status (designation changed into ‘rackets,’) classification (and automatic forfeiting of exemptions granted, and properties, held in trust for justice redistribution to the victims,) for religions and financial entities, for which has been established a clear violation of the classification ruling with ‘political action,’ ‘bribery,’ ‘genocide,’ ‘crimes against humanity,’ subversive/eversive action against the legitimate nation/state powers.
7) Elimination of obsolete sources of law and elimination of juridical personality (to remain solely limited to public and local specific projects of public interest, also limited in time and by project charter, at project completion.)
8) Conversion to ‘energy accounting’ and ‘energy currency.’
9) Conversion (with the exclusion of justice, military, treasury and health,) of ‘public entities’ into non profit public self sustaining (as mutual rescue structures) NGOs solely devoted to public interest within the territorial jurisdiction, and with specific ban from bylaws, of any and all possibility of indebtment, and any and all decisions based upon and mention in any circumstance, to quackeries such as religion, economics, politics, finance, usury, and other non-scientific (of hard science,) idiocies.
10) A technocratic democratic process which establishes the rose of eligible candidates (anybody lacking minimum requirements, ineligible,) for a specific position, within, and only within, clear ‘proved’ experts of the matter, with sufficient life experience, (e.g. county urban planning assessor, minimum title PHD in architecture or equivalent, minimum experience, twenty years as architect,) where the level of prior responsibility gets higher with the higher position in government (e.g. secretary of energy, PHD in physics or equivalent, Nobel price preferred, 35 years of experience in physics, energy, or equivalent.)

Vatican: Holy See ‘regrets’ damning UN child abuse report.

Vatican: Holy See ‘regrets’ damning UN child abuse report


“an attempt to interfere with Catholic Church teaching on the dignity of human person … the Catholic Church’s moral authority.”

Sure, an attempt to re-dimension a rogue state of pedophiles, a parody of a religion, a mafia racket dripping blood of genocide, shitfaces.

Moral authority, what moral authority can have a rogue state of pedophiles, genocides, pimps, banking fraudsters of god into money laundering, only a joke of world leadership can still take those vatican pigs seriously, they are a criminal racket not a religion, the pigs.

Only Hope For Italy is Bankruptcy

Only Hope For Italy is Bankruptcy


“Professor of Economics at the University of Turin and director of the Center of Economic Research in the Piedmontese town, offers a groundbreaking proposal: ‘Do not pay the debt.’ … In Italy, the public sector is not intended as an aid to the production of wealth and public goods and services. It has been conceived as an observatory to generate political consensus and to please the own clientele. The concept of public is of assistance but not to the public, but the public sector employee. The beneficiary of the public sector is dependent on this sector, not the public. … Children are taught the state should solve every problem: pensions, sickness, education … The solution is to drop the veil that protects the state. In bankruptcy, people will realize that giving loans to the State, and state guarantees are useless.”

He is ‘half’ right, as a baron member of the ‘caste’ of the parasites that have benefits of ‘federal employees,’ for the lousy work of an education system of the stone age, he conveniently mixes education with welfare, probably with the hidden plan of eliminating food and medical assistance for the poor, in order to preserve the 25 golden pensions of the mandarins his colleagues.

People die with no food and with no medical assistance, nobody ever died for lack of education, so anybody ‘reasonable’ would convert the taxpayer milking dead weight of the corrupted education system designed to give 25 pensions and make clientele careers for kiss-ass Catholics followers of the pedophile genocide assassin mafioso rogue terrorist nazi state of the vatican, into public non profit and private entities like in the civilized world.

But it won’t happen in the italy of serfs of the interest of the pedophile genocide assassin mafioso rogue terrorist nazi state of the vatican, they will starve the people and let them die of disease, to preserve the quackery of the merits of a caste of parasite barons with 25 golden pensions, for which they never paid a penny into the system, just because they kiss the ass and support with political quackery, the predatory agenda of embezzlement and theft, in favor of the pedophile genocide assassin mafioso rogue terrorist nazi state of the vatican, hallelujah.

The only hope for italy, is repelling the concordat, with the treasonous pedophile genocide assassin mafioso rogue terrorist nazi state of the vatican, then bankruptcy could be useful, as long as the catholic mafia runs italy, you folks need a bankruptcy every other decade, you can not keep doing the same things and expect different results.

German, Italian finance ministers urge growth in WSJ op-ed

German, Italian finance ministers urge growth in WSJ op-ed


“Berlin and Rome agree on what Europe’s economic agenda should be … is clear that sustainable growth must be our common and essential goal … promoting growth is the best way to keep the extremist, anti-European parties in check … growth can be achieved by applying in full the existing fiscal framework … urge structural reforms, deeper EU integration, and boosting private and public investment”

HOT (hope, optymism, technology,) associated with economics quackery, AKA another religion, OTOH they don’t define ‘sustainable growth,‘ which makes their economics just a bit more complicated, because of hiding non proven dogma beyond complex mathematics, than theologysts and politicians, is the the devil fault, or maybe the communists fault, those are not that different scape goat than the ‘populism,’ as well as monetary inefficiency, the second just a bit more difficult to grasp as concept, for the non adept to the religious cult of economics, but same soup, with slightly different dressing.

Now, when you go down in the reading you find that one component of (the euro economists pharaos architects plan of) ‘sustainable growth’ (interesting oximoron, notice they make no mention of ‘thermodinamic efficiency,’ and related mechanisms of virtual growth,) is ‘applying in full the existing fiscal framework,’ AKA ‘more taxation,’ (what is ‘in full ?’ 100% taxation ?, ‘slavery ?,’ they should call it as is in the ‘new world order‘ plan, (FEMA, Standard Oil IG Farben, et cetera,) but in saying so, then they would scare people,)the next one is ‘structural reforms, deeper EU integration,’ which translates in the vatican puppet, J.P.Morgan’s banks, predatory ‘plan’ to demolish european countries constitutions, in favor of a more ‘usury friendly’ ‘new world order’ cristo-nazi design, and finaly, the pearl of all this ‘plan,’ ‘boosting private and public investment’ which translates into making countries bankrupt with more public spending (in rescuing bankrupted corrupted banks, in financing quackeries countries, a notorious one the satanic rogue genocide and pedophile state of the vatican of the reickskonkordat and lateranian pacts, and all the other cabal of christo-economic-usury-political thieves,) and selling their failed chatedrals in the desert to private stock holders, cooking the books, or even better, steal from their pensions and bank accounts to finance the scheme, hallelujah.

Europe is dead because they don’t know what they are doing, harsh reality, italy shot itself in both feet stopping nuclear, to gain a few votes to preserve their christo mafia caste power, germany has recently repeited the same shortsighted move also to preserve their christo mafia caste power, also to get a fewer extra votes, once the german industry figures out that at 30c per kwh, they have a problem, europe will be a post-industrial civilization going back to the age of coal, nobody wants to look at the issues ranging from increased sea level, to peak water and everytjhing else for a fact, since it touches their dogma of ‘monetary efficiency’ filling the pockers of christo thieves and usury thieves, however there may be something interesting to buy for close to nothing, at the euro bankruptcy sale, in the mean time, enjoy the piles of garbage christian and economic quackery have transformed the continent into.

If You’re Waiting For An “Economic Collapse”, Just Look At What Is Happening To Europe

If You’re Waiting For An "Economic Collapse", Just Look At What Is Happening To Europe


“open up your eyes and look at what is happening in Europe. The entire continent is a giant economic mess right now. Unemployment and poverty levels are setting record highs, car sales are setting record lows, and there is an ocean of bad loans and red ink everywhere you look … just a few of the statistics that show that an “economic collapse” is happening in Europe right now … unemployment rate … youth unemployment rate in Italy … level of poverty in Italy is now the highest that has ever been recorded … warning of “widespread social tension and unrest” … Citigroup is projecting that Italy’s debt to GDP ratio will surpass 140 percent by the year 2016 … Citigroup is projecting that Greece’s debt to GDP ratio will surpass 200 percent by the year 2016 … For 2013, car sales in Europe were on pace to hit the lowest yearly level ever recorded … Deutsche Bank, probably the most important bank in Germany, is the most highly leveraged bank in Europe (60 to 1) and it has approximately 70 trillion dollars worth of exposure to derivatives”

Short them, tecnically failed, no hope, the mafio-christian usury predators mandarins running the EC are all worried simply to re-create the holocaust, this time instead than a genocide, as a cleptocide.

Investing in Europe is suicidal at this point, better pull out before it may be too late, possibly Britain may be the last place to be for now.

There will be soon a chance of buying European infrastructure for close to nothing, the cristo-mafia mandarins there will be selling their governments for nothing, everything just to keep their 25 golden pensions, they have bankrupted their banks, soon won’t be able to pay stipends and pensions, lot of strategic assets to buy for close to nothing from the corrupted pigs of the christian mafia running the hitlers reichskonkordat germany and mussolini lateran pacts italy.

EU warns Italy is in economic trouble, France to miss deficit targets

EU warns Italy is in economic trouble, France to miss deficit targets


“excessive in Croatia, Italy and Slovenia … Italy has to address the very high level of public debt and weak external competitiveness; both are ultimately rooted in the protracted sluggish productivity growth and demand urgent policy attention,” the Commission said … reaching and sustaining very high primary budget surpluses and economic growth for a long time, needed to bring down debt, would be a major challenge … So far, Rome’s efforts were not enough, the Commission said”

Parsonage economics, Italy is the most corrupted country of the EU, the christos may have a plan to take down France with them, maybe the god bankers and wall street have something to do with all this ? ‘New World Order ?,’ wall street and the usually treasonous pedofile genocide vatican state taking down the EU ?, does it not look suspicious ?.

Results in Italy ?, let’s forget about them, if anybody may mention the issues, they tell you they are full of merits and not negotiable in their christian marxist parsonage dementia, so do what thou wilt, arguing with such ‘caste’ of pasdaran, is a waste of good air, discussing issues with christo-marxist-mobsters-taleban, also, they only do what is convenient for their conflict of interest gigs, the only options are either ignore them until SHTF, or short them.

Taking Europe’s pulse

Taking Europe’s pulse


“Easily the worst performer this year will be Cyprus, whose output will continue to tumble, with GDP falling by 4.8%. The only other country going backwards will be Slovenia; and its GDP will only marginally contract, by 0.1%”

Well, certainly a new order in europe is evidencing how countries ‘want’ to be versus how they perceive themselves, and how they ‘pretend’ to be, at the bottom line the numbers tell which witch is which.

It’s spring at last in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s spring at last in Bosnia and Herzegovina

(from )

“have suffered under the administration of a vicious cabal of political oligarchs who have used ethno-nationalist rhetoric to obscure the plunder of BiH’s public coffers … official unemployment rate has remained frozen for years at around 40 percent, while the number is above 57 percent among youth … Pensions are miserly too; the sight of seniors digging through waste bins … while the wages of BiH’s armies of bureaucrats and elected officials have only grown … it took sixteen months for a state government to be formed, one which collapsed almost immediately thereafter … suspicions of corruption and bribery … hounding the few independent journalists and activists who dared challenge … they have only cemented the oligarchs in their posts while the pleas and demands of ordinary citizens, students, workers and civil rights activists have been ignored … A big part of corrupted activities stem from relations of government officials and commercial banks”

If it did not say Bosnia and Herzegovina in the title, it could have looked like an article about italy, where a caste of mafioso oligarchs colluded with banking mobsters and cristian pigs at the vatican, have stolen anything that could be stolen from the country.

We may see when the italian spring starts.

J.P. Morgan: Fascists Then, Fascists Now

J.P. Morgan: Fascists Then, Fascists Now


“unscrupulous money-changers … mad chase for evanescent profit”

Worse, the banking mafiosos are nazis, creators of holocausts, the shoah was a pet project of nazi christian banksters of wall street and the vatican.

J.P. Morgan Says Post-WWII Anti-Fascist Constitutions Are Obstacle To Reimposing Fascism

Good luck, the bielderberg criminal cartel racket of the godly christos mafia ‘new world order’ planned massacre, hallelujah.

Greece plays up progress as it takes on delicate EU presidency

Greece plays up progress as it takes on delicate EU presidency


“Greece took over the presidency of the European Union on Wednesday and chose the moment to deliver a staunch defense of its efforts to recover from six years of recession and two bailouts that have cost it more than 200 billion euros … make the economy competitive again after six years of contraction … Greece, after huge sacrifices, is able to say that it is leaving behind the crisis … how to make the debt sustainable in the long term”

A bunch of bulls, in the reality, the people are more poor and the filth of religious and usury economics pigs mafia mobsters, are richer and richer out of embezzlement. This is not the EU the founding father wanted, this is a corrupted Christian mafia banking fraud of a world conspiracy of sons of filthy Christian usury bitches.

Usury and Christianity filth have to go, it will be the final total war, only the complete massacre of all those pigs can save humanity, the alternative is extinction of the human species, in this century.