This was the week that European democracy died

This was the week that European democracy died

Guess the myopic excess of 18th century conservative economic quackeries, may end soon, continuing with this suicidal deflation causing de-industrialization, will lead to a crash from the opposite side, just in the same way Russia economic system collapsed, the PIIGS zone collapse may take down in one day the all EC, if not the whole financial system of the planet.

Too much QE is not healthy, but with a bunch of ‘non competitive’ ‘protectionist’ ‘castal’ ‘legislatively backward,’ and ‘religiously obsessed’ systems, QE to benefit ‘exclusively’ ‘EC strategic interests,’ such as defense, businesses creation and operation, and education, ‘directly to the people,’ ‘bypassing’ the control of the ‘retrograde’ ‘corrupted’ ‘castes’ of the soft belly of Europe, IOW directly out of the ECB to the final users, would ‘at the least’ avoid de-industrialization, raging unemployment, and social turbulence, while at the same time the ‘exclusion’ of the single national corrupted ‘castes’ would be preventing the usual mismanagement, incompetence, and briberies, and would be beneficial for the integrity of the whole EC.

The EC should establish some form of ‘federal-like’ financing, where all the national institutions do, is pick up a grant/loan application, and pass it on to the ECB, which in turn could finance education, business funds, et cetera, ‘directly’ to the EC citizens and the NATO organizations. This would ‘cut out’ the ‘corrupted’ middle men of national bureaucracies, just milking the system.


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