Euro-damage: How the union made Europe’s weaklings even weaker

Euro-damage: How the union made Europe’s weaklings even weaker

Well, actually the Euro ‘did’ happen, and it was not the only thing Friedman got wrong, but one thing the fathers of the Euro did not predict, is that the moderate political groups of the 70’s would have been replaced by castes of socialthieves, christomafiosos, and businessbandidos, besides other very merit-able incompetents, of a ‘failure generation’ ‘not negotiable’ of the ‘new world order’ that found everything easy in life, and had no remorse on milking the system, IOW a ‘generational failure’ that I must say, was expected, the generation of the 20’s had that perpetual doubt and nightmare, of what would have come later, now we know it, ‘not negotiable crooks,’ ‘without a clue.’

OTOH Friedman was wrong, if a single monetary policy can fit nazitaleban Mississippi, christomafia Florida, ultramodern new York and ultraprogressive California, I don’t see that much of a difference, besides ‘political incompetence and corruption,’ and as additional penalty for Europe, ‘too much history,’ that translates in a middle age legal system.

Now, if Europe could unify itself politically, ‘maybe’ if the quackery ‘Austrian school’ deflation economics gets set aside, and if the control stays in the northern side of Europe, and the ‘castes’ and their clientèle, in the PIIGS are re-dimensioned to a level of decency, there is a hope to bring the soft belly of Europe, the PIIGS, to reason, if not, Europe is destined to the third world before 2030, but that would have been the same destiny even with national currencies, ‘way earlier.’


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