The ‘PIIGS’ should leave the Euro

The ‘PIIGS’ should leave the Euro

Don’t think so, they should become serious and set asides the conflict of interest of their ‘castes.’ But it will never happen, because of ruling by the skim of their mafio-nazi christian usury masters. Maybe the PIIGS national castes and banks should be let go bankrupt, as ‘not negotiable’ as they are, they only constitute an handicap for progress in those nations, a residual of the middle age dictatorship of a corrupted theocracy of christo lunatics and criminals.

Maybe Europe should be unified politically, so that the parasites castes of the soft belly, lose any decisional power, which would be a blessing, because all those PIIGS castes can do, is to take care of their golden holy (and self-referent) unwarranted privileges, stealing from their poor people pensions, milking them with 55 to 75% of taxes, besides protecting the castes members in evading taxes in massive scale, to support again the abusive cow market of the criminals of their ‘castes,’ keeping them in power.

However, is a good test to determine how serious leading ‘castes’ are, while the most serious will stay in the Euro and finally do what is right, the clowns will leave to keep perpetuating their racket-style governance, ‘golden pensions for the castes,’ and ‘tax evasion’ of their ‘protected accomplices.’ It is not a surprise, the PIIGS are the most ‘religious filth’ obsessed countries in the Euro, one more religion-crime relating evidence, ‘taleban’ economics, the further you go north, and the less religious filth has its corrupted mafio-genocidal influence on societies, now is ‘their’ choice.

OTOH the christo mafio genocide wall street money, has a ‘new world order’ plan to make as many countries possible to become theocracies ran by religious taleban criminals, their best accomplices, it matches their predatory politics and ‘plan’ of slavery over any ‘not superior christobastard,’ AKA unlimited reproduction and predatory economics is the under the table agenda of the genocidal wall street class of treason corruptive christopigs conspiracy, in so, guess the world economic intelligentsia, ‘wall street architects’ and their euro accomplices, ‘christo usury masters,’ has all the interest of breaking Europe reunification in order to maintain wall street racket supremacy.

The PIIGS castes, which now may find convenient exiting the Euro with excuses, to maintain their privileges, robberies and tax evasion, and wall street and vatican christo nazi mafio lobbies, have common ‘interests,’ the former, a license to continue the robbery, the later monopoly and profits, with final target the dissolution of any not wall street controlled place in the planet, in so euro breakup is the way this ‘new world order’ christo filth genocide in the making is most likely going to go, it just takes the time to do what the swiss did with the Jews, take everything they had first, and then send them to good christian hitler for the slaughter, except that this time is based on census and religious filth, instead than on race and religious filth.

The PIIGS christo-mafio intelligentsia, like the Vichy government, now proceeds to the “divestiture” “in their own country,” of the planned victims of the “new world order” mafio-nazi-christo-pigs wall street conspiracy, of which they are the treasonous accomplices, working towards subverting their own countries, and helping creating the class of the new slaves under their nazichristo genocide international christosocialist nazimafia, controlled by the usual wall street clubs, allelujah.


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