Draft: Framing PIGS to clean their own stable – Capitalist, racist and neo-colonial dynamics in the euro-crisis

Draft: Framing PIGS to clean their own stable – Capitalist, racist and neo-colonial dynamics in the euro-crisis

Well, some things may change by the time of reading, since here the document is a “draft,” “but” here a few observations:

1) Targeting “Racism” intended as the use of the acronym PIIGS, is a model of “counter-information,” in order to actually “put lipstick on PIIGS” or embellish the disasters that their corrupted, bigot, treasonous leaderships have caused to those countries, and in so, it may constitute a “political” sophism, to reinforce very erroneous concepts:

1a) The one that the political classes and elites of the PIIGS are actually competent, which the “facts” do not warrant, however what the “facts” warrant is that southern countries are the ones where “religious filth” has the maximum power in the Eurozone, which at the least should lead to formulate an hypothesis for further studies, such as “are countries led by castes of quackeries, specifically the mothers of all quackeries, religions, the worse centers of corruption criminality theft embezzlement racism and all other more bestial instincts, when compared to more secular states of law ?.” Please research, I know an answer that appears obvious studying prison statistics and religious affiliation in the US and UK.

1b) The implication that racists are the ones that humorously depict such pigs as PIIGS, and not the corrupted, bigot, treasonous leaderships which have worked forever into embezzlement, fraud, corruption and plain theft to get a “cut” out of the treason of “selling their people” to foreign hostile interests, more generally of various bancomafio rackets, but also specifically in most cases to filth of theocratic subversive rogue states corruption machines, that outside of religious bigotry tyranny would be more honestly considered international crime cartels or rackets. IOW, I would surely deduct from the comments on those countries press, that most of the reasonable people of the PIIGS, not part of their corrupted useless incompetent “castes,” in most circumstances will agree and call “pigs” as well, their scandalous leaderships. OTOH the same people of the PIIGS may be in large measure “responsible themselves” of a different type of racism, this one real, not just name calling, the one to which they have been brainwashed into since birth, the hate for difference and the servility central to the quackery of the predatory skim known as organized catholicism, of which is known the roman genocide subversive rogue state of the vatican is the world center.

1c) Blaming the victims in this case, is the result of the absurd politics of German banksters rackets, (and their treasonous accomplices, we can not prove where, but we can guess by historical evidence,) “imposing” the Eurozone not to adopt QE, while the “whole planet” is doing otherwise, with the (convenient,) excuse to restore the PIIGS to sanity, (but with the “hidden” agenda of further usury predatory “divestiture,” AKA “colonialism,”) which resulted solely in higher “legalized theft” from the part of the bankstes sold corrupted treasonous “castes” of those nations, giving them an excuse for “PIIGS style austerity” which translates into milking further the poor, to allow those “parasitic castes” an even more scandalous predation of their people, the method is historically known, since in ancient times the sovereigns of southern Italy, to make up for their incompetence and parasitism, would hire the mafia for the purpose of “tax collection,” or also “legalized extortion and plain theft,” the PIIGS with lipstick have adopted equivalent methods.

1d) The PIIGS are at the same time the countries with the highest fiscal burden “and” with the highest tax evasion in the EU, who’s fault is this ? Can we blame Kazakhstan, to be politically correct and keeping saving the “image” of the “meritocratic” PIIGS castes ? The PIIGS are at the same time the countries where some get pensions for two years in their corrupted political clientèle institutions, while others see their social security contributions “legally stolen” by the “meritocrats” of the racket, can we blame Libya for that ? or maybe Saddam ?

2) Subservient to the “other” quackery dogma, the economics quackery, that tells everything and the opposite of everything in the same voodoo culture, and voodoo magic solutions of invisible hands, “subjective” gravity, “monetary efficiency” (that’s a good one for the gonzos,) emigration is the only remedy for places that have to stand the leeching and blood sucking of both predators, the filth of the clerics, and the extortive divestitures of the mafia of the usury rackets, however some interesting issues are notable of evidence:

2a) The EC, in the best tradition of the filth treasonous double face of usury capitalist predation, is very efficient in privatizing the profits (of the colonialism generated by the differentials on currency usury speculation,) while at the same time, socializing the losses, “outside of their yard,” IOW they care less of the swiss cheese borders, they do absolutely nothing to help with illegal immigrations and invasions from north Africa desperate, but they can “bark loud” when those folks make it to Germany, nice case of double standard, racism, please.

2b) The EC, in the best tradition of the filth treasonous double face of usury capitalist predation, is very efficient in practicing colonialism, while its political class of useful idiots is not able (or is not willing because of convenient servitude to usury rackets,) to produce common legislation of guarantees that a state member “can not” apply colonialist practices to other members. A self inflicted misery, again out of the filthy treasonous corrupted political class of leeches incompetent and thieves. No US state could legally do any of this treasonous filth to another state of the Union. The problem points to idiocy and corruption of European politicians and economists, again “treason.”

2c) The EU, instead than a “federated nation” or power, is ran like a corporation (or a church,) a sure case that inevitably will lead to failure, given than both religious and economic quackeries are unwarranted dogmas, once more a case of corruption and “treason.”

As far as the de-politicization and the “Austrian” approach, I don’t want to comment, it is universally known that Austrian economics and its religious correspondence is not scientific, is a discredited obsolete theory, and is just plain conflict of interest quackery. The proposal is only convenient for consolidation of the dictatorship of currency usury masters and their accomplices religious filth, both historically known to be “architects” of genocidal cults of death. My proposal, is substituting voodoo thinking with pure science, IOW technocracy, the only possible modern form of governance, the other, all quackeries.

As far as concerning politics and media, democracies AKA “dictatorships of majorities,” can not resist “the population bombs” of subversion, and those quackeries are obviously the “architects” of such skim, again religious filth and economic predation and usury. There is a need of revision of the whole design of governance, in order to guarantee a relation between taxation and representation, and “mandatory rules” for the politician filth to respond to the elector and the districts, with mandatory and legally regulated “non discretionary” and “non political” administrative action. The current clientèle mode is not sustainable, is a residual of middle age primitive systems, one thing are political ideals and debate, the other, when the elections are over, is “doing the job” for their districts and for which such scumbags are paid for, this involves also legislations to revoke representatives for manifested partiality and/or manifested incompetence, besides penal responsibility for corruption and elimination of all immunities.

As far as concerning the Euro colonialism, it is a self-inflicted misery, the castes of the incompetents corrupted thieves in the weak economies, found easier to sell their countries as they used to sell slaves, than to cut on their own incompetence, theft, corruption, parasitism, conflict of interest, IOW is result of “high treason.”

As far as concerning the conclusions, the proposal in the paper may be an avenue to two Europe, which is better than a Europe bankrupt and dissolved, but even a better avenue would possibly be the centralization of the governance and the currency control in a tighter Europe, taking away from the national corrupted politicians, religious filth, and usury crooks, the toy of self-referencing abuse, and the “divestiture” of foreign banking interests corruption in penal terms, such move could make the EC the most important economic power in the planet.

As far as “a possible way out” the proposal in the paper won’t solve the problem of lack of efficiency in the GIPSI zone, it will just generate predation in favor of foreign bankers rackets, besides brain and capitals drains towards better systems, and plays only in favor of colonial politics, and the perpetuation of the current castes.


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