Beware Italy’s intergenerational conflict

Beware Italy’s intergenerational conflict

Certainly, the process of “consolidation” of the gerontocracy, has something to do with the connivance of the rackets with politics, supposed they may not be by now the same thing, and opens an interesting question over the “legitimacy” and the “legality” of the whole government system action.

Once such connivance between rackets and politics may surface more evident, and the consent to the “legitimacy” of such governance may drop to hardly nothing, the situation may slide out of control, and the “arrogance of the caste” which does not want to fairly step aside granting both age and sex proportionate distribution in the leadership participation in the nation decisional process, may exasperate the population and turn into a revolt.

Gerontocracy is another symptom of the talebanization of this country, that does not deserve its corrupted, bigot, conflict of interest driven, political rackets. They are playing with fire, and the “castes” gig may result in way greater losses in the long term, once it will be evident to all that the incompetence, corruption, bigotry and conflict of interest of such castes, has “de facto” destroyed the Italian nation, and led it into the third world.

At that point they can count on more bodies hanging from the roof of gas stations, “deja vu’,” if I was them I would worry about the “final judgment,” not the one of the fairy tale in the sky that forgives sins of genocidal criminal racketeers, but the one of the people, I would watch for the pitchforks, “interesting times” for the “castes” are getting closer.


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