Berlusconi Is Sentenced to Seven Years in Sex Case, but Can Still Appeal Verdict

Berlusconi Is Sentenced to Seven Years in Sex Case, but Can Still Appeal Verdict

Well, there is a whole story behind this, and it is connected with the “counter-revolution” of bigotry that followed the second war. The treasonous state of the Vatican, that somehow, was a contributer of hitler and mussolini power, other than a genocide perpetuator on its own, somehow, (ask wall street christo-nazi how,) because of cold war issues, rat lines, and other filth, included “the vatican genocide in croatia,” found itself with enough support from Washington into turning the country into a mafio-christo-talebanate.

So in 58, when berlusconi was 22, the roman holy genocide state, in one of the many bigotry hijacks of the government that in italy happen about everyday, was able to pass a law proposed by a good catholic 71yo virgin, presumably one of the leading world experts in matters of sex, at the least standing to vatican theories.

In “normal life,” to the ones familiar with the country, there is an unspoken understanding among normal people, that everybody does his/her business, regardless, however since “the historical compromise” happened, at the times the vatican basically “infiltrated” the communist world, and financed the perestroika and the holy wars to take down the eastern block, the aborigine Bolshevists merged into the vatican catholic “holy war” machine, with the usual support of the terrorists of “the new world order,” the wall street christo mafia.

In this picture basically the country has been evolving into a christo-marxist talebanate, and unfortunately, the “interpretations” of the government bureaucratic machine, can not do otherwise than reflecting the standing political state of power. Now in a world very different than the one we grew up in, where now 12yo are sexually active and can doctor us old people over how midgets have threesomes in Dalmatia, this all case looks sort like puzzling, but the country has to deal with it’s own hypocrite bigot drama.

Most of not religiously obsessed countries in Europe have legal prostitution and age of consent at 16 and below, unfortunately the only three “religiously obsessed” countries remaining with this situation, Turkey, Malta, and Italy, are countries where religious talebanates have hijacked common sense, and in 20 years of politics maybe if mr berlusconi would have not been so condescending with the interests of the mafio catholic genocide talebanate of the vatican, such obsolete laws would have been eliminated, but again, in Italy nobody learns anything from history, after the genocide treasonist state of the vatican corrupted fascism to milk the country under the lateran pacts, the vatican notoriously stabbed mussolini in the back and went on to defraud others, it goes always the same way, the vatican has always betrayed “both sides,” of its friends and enemies, by now anybody should know, included the catto-marxists, which they will use and betray as anybody else, allelujah.

Is a wheel going around, today is berlusconi, tomorrow may be the whole judiciary, to be stabbed in the back by the rogue genocide state of the vatican, they survived 2k years betraying everybody, “always.” If I was in his shoes, I would appeal at the european human right court.


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