The Next Global Problem: Portugal

The Next Global Problem: Portugal

Well, the problems of public spending need to be solved reducing the size of the public sector and increasing the efficiency, the whole process should be set in place ‘without’ decreasing social services, in order not to deepen the recession.

However, as in all the other members of the weak economies of the soft belly of Europe, excessive power of public ‘castes’ protecting their corporative self interest, prevents such process to be set in place. And the religious-socialist ‘traditional’ fanaticism makes the problem even worse.

By the time they may ‘have to’ make cuts, the ‘castes’ will end up stealing the poor people pension funds and medical benefits, before touching the skims of their sons of the white ducks (or swans,) just as it is happening in any other middle-aged christotalebanate within the PIIGS zone.


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