Schäuble Visits Greece: Aid but No Haircut for Athens

Schäuble Visits Greece: Aid but No Haircut for Athens

Well, Greece is trying hard to do some serious adjustments, actually has attempted doing things where other GIPSIC countries are just ‘pretending,’ and kicking the can as usual, actually Greece is courageous in its reforms, but as per the other GIPSIC nations, Greece is not trying hard enough to re-dimension the castes of unwarranted privileges in the nation, principal responsible of the situation they are in. They won’t be doing enough, until their taxation level is back to the average of civilized nations, around 25%.

The ‘caste,’ just as it should in the rest of the holy GIPSIC zone, has to re-dimension it’s unwarranted privileges if Greece may hope to have an economy, cutting from the side of the little guys does not help with that, it is the caste of parasites that has to cut itself or to be cut out from the part of some patriots, maybe the first is a preferable option, before it may be too late, maybe the Greek and the rest of the GIPSIC brilliant economists and other holy leeches, could adjust their dogma and attitude of grandness and merit, and step aside, renouncing their unwarranted middle age privileges.


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