As UK Moves Toward EU Exit, Envisioning A New Northern European Union

As UK Moves Toward EU Exit, Envisioning A New Northern European Union

It would definitively make sense, as there are two issues that the current European layout may never reach:

1) The soft belly of Europe, is obsessed by the abuses of ‘not negotiable’ retrograde religious bigotry arbitrary unwarranted privileges and social costs, and the member countries have really serious limits when looking at basic human rights, free market and fair competition, ‘and’ such situation is clearly reflected in retrograde legal systems, with no certainty of time-lines or fair judgment and whereas too often a taleban style theocratic and hypocrite pseudo-moral interpretation of laws can sort unpredictable results. Such situation is a killer for business, because has unpredictable costs, excess bureaucracy burden, over-taxation for useless public services, and overall is a significant cost of business burden affecting value at risk, for doing business in those places.

2) At difference with northern Europe, where all speak at the least one common language, English, the soft belly of Europe has no common language, no common traditions, no common standards, no agreement on any common concept of social behavior, a number of competing tribal societies of castes, and an established medieval system of untouchable political burden swimming in corruption, also result of the heavy interference of religious bigotry in every aspect of society. The southern belly of Europe, blinded by bigotry and fanaticism of mainly the catholicism racket, has not been able to develop into modernity, and aims at reinstatement of feudal theocracies and societies modeled on medieval talebanates.

Unfortunately the European Union has failed in that sense, to predict that the ‘population bomb’ of the christonazi treason conspiracy would subvert all the political assets in the soft belly of Europe, steering them towards the corruption byproduct of religious bigotry. In so all the progress achieved in the 40 years post war periods, has been ‘democratically lost’ (even hitler did so,) to bring back in power the same castes that were responsible of the second war in the first place. The EC, as it stands, seems a marriage gone sour, the south wants to be bigot, monopolist, over-regulated, dominated by political cow market castes, retrograde and fraudulent, while the north wants to be free of useless burdens and a modern mercantile market, where responsibility predominates over conflict of interest, and sooner or later the EU may break apart unless the EU is able to impose northern European standards to the club mediterranee.

The same may happen in the US, taleban racist states like the Midwest bible (or bubble,) belt, corrupted DC and Wall Street, and the most lawless of all US states, florida, (whereas even in alabama, a traditional feud of the KKK, even ‘they’ think that in florida are all screwballs,) a racket state ran by the nazicatholic cuban expatriated mafia, other connivent christo fanatics, associated with former nazi families connected to hate groups, where presidential and other elections are falsified and manipulated at every turn with impunity, legal trials sort different results for equivalent cases on pure racial or justice family relatives bases, and so forth, are a different country than progressive north east, and high-tech west US, and this friction between the retrograde america of the christo-nazi mafia talebanates and the normal people may not last forever without some issues, unless the feds step in and start applying racist rogue cristotaleban US states some civilized rules.


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