Basta ‘La Casta’: No End in Sight to Italy’s Economic Decline

Basta ‘La Casta’: No End in Sight to Italy’s Economic Decline

Well, it could be much easier than as prospected, if we were to approach the problem ‘honestly’ and taking out of it ‘conflict of interest,’ however in the bigotry blind and not negotiable caste land of the absurd assumed at truth and law, it would be impossible.

1) Some of the budget issues leading the country to bankruptcy derive from the tyranny of various dogmas over civil liberties:

a) A religious conflicting legal sources dogma. The country has never completed a transition into a state of law warranted by scientific, factual, solid social rational evidence, in so it is stuck in the legal system of the pharaohs, a pseudo-legality warranted by religions generated quackeries which preach one thing and do another, worse, quackeries controlled by a hostile rogue foreign treasonous nazimafioso genocide religious cabal, the vatican:

a1. Sources of law in ‘use’ and ‘traditions,’ in a catholic talebanate, a country with history of abuses of the filth tyranny of the puppets of criminal catholicism rackets, where religious racket originated racism, sexual abuse, tax evasion, financial frauds, banking frauds, gender discrimination, homophobia, genocide, legalized banditry and forgiveness of sins tyranny, don’t help at all a ‘law of equal and fair justice.’

a2. A bilateral treaty imposed in the constitution by the filthy religious Mafiosos of the winning powers (mainly the US wall street christo nazi bolshevist usury genocide rackets,) and the humiliating vassalage imposed by the religious filth of the winning powers to the treasonist genocide christian mafioracket rogue state of the vatican, a notorious rogue state accomplice of conspiring for subtracting to justice his guilty accomplices of crimes against humanity, again makes of the country more of a talebanate than of a state of law of a ‘law of equal and fair justice.’

a3. A lack of a mechanism of “mandatory” modernization of the codes, preserving obsolete pre-industrial revolution parameters of evaluation of crimes, paralyzing “real” justice in bureaucratic non cost effective processes, while at the same time “ignoring” persecution of modern crimes (such as for instance, credit derivatives fraud, circumvention of incompetents banking frauds, conflict of interest, abuse of financial and political positions, banking and financial treason, et cetera.)

a4. The absence in the sources of law of “predominance” of “theory of torts” over “religious and other quackeries (such as economics,) self referent morals and dogma,” puts the highest toll of all, over legal system of italy, relegating it in the area of middle age talebanates and banana republics submission of the law, to the religious fantasy conflict of interest of quackeries, in a word where such bigotry handicap signifies only a future of social and economic suicide.

a5. We can estimate the costs of the religious dogmatic quackeries over a FY in the orders of:

= 100 billions a year, because of persecution and enforcement of “victim-less crimes,” including the losses in tax revenues

= 10 billions a year, because of lack of persecution of behaviors and liabilities due to various dogma related discriminations

= 50 billions a year, because of lack of persecution of behaviors related to financial conflict of interests and related legalized frauds

= 20 billions a year, because of foraging privileges in favor of the rogue enemy criminal genocide state of the vatican

b) A socialist dogma. Whether marxist, national socialist, of religious, the country has never been able to address modern concepts of mercantile economics and “perfect competition,” while it has only adopted a “facade” of free market, the one steered where convenient by the “castes” of the “meritable” socialist dogma, of any nature.

b1. A lack of an effective mechanism of control of the phenomena known as “the tyranny of majority,” IOW (in other words,) an antitrust mechanism applied not only to the markets but also to the social components of governance, demographic of age and gender distribution in governance, and political electoral methods, to avoid in any case control of more than 20% of the presence to a single political or social actor or group.

b2. A lack of an effective mechanism of control of “substantiated proof of result” in political and administrative decision, IOW a lack of “scientific” validation of political decisions, it won’t matter if the “meritable,” or the “politicians,” or the professors, or the people, may vote off gravity, “their vote can not change the effects of gravity.”

b3. A lack of an effective administrative legislation promoting efficiency of public administrations over the hydraulic principles of vassalage, and the logics of perpetual competitions among administrations, to subtract slices of the same pie from each other, or to milk the citizens to idiotic unsustainable excessive tax burdens, logic that indicates eloquently that socialisms of any nature are specialized over the sharing of the “haul,” (translate this in italian …,) but regardless of meritable titles, have no knowledge in their life, over producing even a single toothpick.

b4. We can estimate the costs of the socialist dogmatic quackeries over a FY in the orders of:

= 150 billions a year, because of lack of privatizations, not possible because of resistance from conflicts of interests of the “caste”

= 300 billions a year, because of protected tax evasion, by political action, also deriving from conflicts of interests of the “caste”

= 100 billions a year, because of de-industrialization and losses of various resources towards more functional economies

2) Other of the budget issue leading the country to bankruptcy derive from conflict of interest:

c) A predatory capitalism dogma, AKA a monetary usury dogma:

c1. A lack of oversight of the “conflict of interest” ridden political caste into legislation to prevent financial fraud, which at times has also evidenced a connivance and an odor of racketeering between the political caste and the usury banking rackets.

c2. We can not estimate at this time the cost over this level of racketeering, which also could amount to high treason in favor of foreign countries, in different degrees, going to inter-alliances effects up to connivance in favor of enemies. The situation will become more clear surely around 2017, and it is highly linked to the future of the country. At this time is unpredictable if the “conflict of interest” may or not ever be rightly persecuted, therefore it would be highly advisable just stabilizing the situation with very strict laws regulating conflict of interest among and between the government powers and the financial cabals and monetary rackets.

d) A “tragedy of the commons” dogma, deriving from faulty assumptions in economic theory:

d1. A lack of standardized acceptance of the more modern “energy theory of value” versus the dogmatic quackery of “monetary efficiency”

d2. A consequent faulty assessment of value at risk at any level among governments, banking systems, and the large majority of economic operators.

d3. We can not estimate at this time the cost over this level of generalized ignorance and incompetence, however we can estimate from predicted trends and observed trends, that this situation, not corrected with elimination of quackeries such as currency/usury and unlimited procreation, will lead to the end of civilization, if not to the extinction of the human species:

In conclusion, modern civilized nations have serious challenges with dealing with the point 2), while retrograde less civilized and less historically developed nations, in addition to the “serious” modern challenges at point 2) have as well to deal with their banana republic and christo talebanate castes created and established challenges at point 1) “simultaneously.”

I can not offer advice to the countries affected by the problems at point 1) other than reading the page ‘can you say technocracy,’ because the reasonable and scientific suggestions which could establish progress to modern merchant societies in such countries, “at the current stage of degradation,” would be (“now,”) manifestly illegal under their laws, (which obviously protect the perpetuation of such castes and problems.)

So, here is the witches advice for all, “do what thou wilt,” hoping the usual christogenocides may not start more witches hunts, allelujah.


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