‘A Political Decision’: Berlusconi Stays in Game Despite Ruling

A Political Decision’: Berlusconi Stays in Game Despite Ruling

Well, the Berlusconi area, other than creating a center of interests for smaller and less organized groups of interest, which may not have either direct control and sponsoring from other national corporative power lobbies to make them able to own their own conflict of interest little party, and/or may not be organized under the canonical, it is the case to say, historical compromise agenda of the “post sacrificial moro” share allotment of the priviledges, under the blessing of the ‘not negotiable’ rogue state of the pope king, remains an aggregator of tangible interests on the italic political scene.

Now, whereas the conflict of interest little parties may not have a leaders designation problem, because such leaders are imposed by the sponsoring corporative agendas, both the the conflict of interest populist parties, the one of the historical compromise under the holy moro sacrificial sheep and the now-going-to-be-former Berlusconi party, have at this time a leadership issue, since neither of them has at this point a spendable charismatic leader, necessary to any populist agenda. The PD has spent years now to find a figure around which to aggregate it’s populist christo-marxist-pseudo-meritable holy politbureau agenda, with no success. From now on also the PDL is going to have the same problem of aggregation for it’s populist base of corporative economic business with christo-skimming and independentist-racists holy blessings.

Leaders can be forced up the throat of the populist base, but as the PD case indicates, may never reach any consent and break the party in pieces, and the absence of charisma in todays PDL, where a few taleban who should keep their loud mouths shut everyday, buy more damage to the credibility of the party with their externalizations, than doing any good. The PDL is a de-facto Berlusconi party, a corporation with holy blessings, now it’s best survival strategy should be to find a new presentable “party leader.” And the problem so far is that none of the names heard seem to be capable of such role, not because of missing actors, Brunetta could be one, for instance, but because of missing consent within currents, same as it is happening for the PD, since “also” both parties suffer of hidden snipers on the payroll of the interests of the banking usury cabals and the rogue state of the vatican, allelujah.

The future of a governable Italy is now highly dependent upon PD and PDL reaching stability and locating a charismatic leader, of which neither seems at this point capable. Which points to unpleasant surprises to come in the next vote, and related risky economic consequences on the euro and world scene.


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