Last Call: Crisis Closes Pubs, Mainstay of Irish Society

Last Call: Crisis Closes Pubs, Mainstay of Irish Society

Well, they followed reaganomics and tatchercomics in their reforms, listening to the economic religions quackeries, and ended up with 40% of the country bankrupt, as we did in the US, but the top corporations have great profits, one more victory like that in the godly “monetary efficiency” idiots system, and the countries can close down, the dumbass professor of austrian dumbass school may win the war, establishing the cletptocratic system of anarchist cristomafio nazicorporations plutocracy he wanted for russia, allelujah.

The “new world order” uses “self financing,” like the Red-Brigades, Baader-Meinhof and other terrorists groups, trough cleptocratic subversion and manipulation of markets and governance with christo-rotten nazi-mafio corruption and treason, in order to predate the population at large to monopolize all the wealth for it’s treasonous caste, and enforce subsequent christo-mafio-nazi style slavery.

Such swine filth “must” be “wiped out,” the countdown started, is one minute before twelve, and either they get out of the way on their own, or we are afraid the usury corruption “monetary efficiency” filth may have to be surgically removed.


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