Comedian Beppe Grillo on Italy’s Political and Economic Future

Comedian Beppe Grillo on Italy’s Political and Economic Future

Bloomberg has a very interesting (as much as false, deceiving and deceptive) interpretation of the “social security fraud” going on in all western countries, US included, where it says “Let’s talk about the public debt. It was used to pay for pensions. Is it right for the people who live on these pensions, in a country where there’s a lot of private savings, to default on the debts?” No, the “it was used to pay pensions” is an unwarranted claim, there is “no way in budget” to determine where it was actually used, as far as we are concerned it has most likely been used to pay usury to scumbag mafioso banking cartels, which out of “treason” betrayed their countries, or not ?

It also “conveniently forgets” to mention that the corrupted racket of politicians in western countries, instead than “investing” contributions to obtain returns and support the pension system, uses as said the social security contributions to finance current budgets, a perfect ponzi skim, maddof style operation, and people who have paid “or are paying now” contributions to social security, in any western countries, have been or are being defrauded as we speak, by their governments, this is the bottom line of the story, it is a “legalized ponzi skim,” but here the perpetrators are the inept and corrupted scandalous criminal cristo mafioso political castes of western nations, “and” they get away with it, just like in any other case of protected fraud of the establishment, 1500 trillion derivatives frauds anybody ?, has anybody be held responsible ?, as per dos passos, “there are two americas,” well, there are two italies too, same thing, the christousurymafia and the others, the picture is easy to understand.


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