Projected PIIGS Pillage: 3233.5 Tons Of Gold To Be Confiscated By Insolvent European Banks

Projected PIIGS Pillage: 3233.5 Tons Of Gold To Be Confiscated By Insolvent European Banks

(from source Tyler Durden)

“the Greek population is about to lose its gold in a perfectly legitimate fashion, following amendments to the country’s constitution by unelected banker technocrats, who will make it legal for Greek creditors – read insolvent European banks – to plunder the Greek gold which at last check amounts to 111.6 tonnes according to the WGC. And so we come full circle to what the ultimate goal of banker intervention in the European periphery is – nothing short of full gold confiscation. So just how much gold will be pillaged by the banker oligarchy (it is amusing how many websites believe said gold is sacrosanct by regional national banks, and thus the EUR is such a stronger currency as it has all this ‘gold backing’ – hint: it doesn’t, as all the gold is about to be transferred to non-extradition countries)?”

Well, gold is the currency of war and at a certain level it becomes a strategic “non attachable” resource. Regardless over how the pigs (or piigs,) politicians may have corrupted their constitutions, in so committing high treason towards their countries, at the minimal level necessary to maintain operational defense of the country, and satisfaction of inter-alliance treaties needs, it becomes indispensable a take over of the countries, under contingency plans.

We may see one or more Egypt like cases in Europe, very soon, it is inevitable to guarantee the integrity of the sovereignty and continuity of the national states, the military court martial judgments and executions platoons for bankers, politicians and accomplices, responsible and accomplices of the choices of illegitimate and illegal contracted debt, and consequent pillaging by usury sharks banco-mafia rackets, of their respective countries, may follow.

Guess one mistake was made at the time of creation of the stay-behind networks, the error was not to predict that the “enemies” would be not the communists, in real life, but the christo-mafia of the banksters and religious treason filth, besides the related corrupted finance skim lobbies of crooks. Either the national states integrity are preserved, or NATO may end up into pieces (this is the plan of the banksters christo-mafia coup, they want to build a ‘private’ military to commit genocides at will, the last century tells the whole story of the conspiracy of the christo-usury, AKA “new world order.)

Most likely wall street christo banking Nazi-Bolshevist architects mafia and their genocide prone filthy allies, like the scumbags of the filth genocidal state of the vatican, have already “a plan” for pillaging southern Europe into a colony, financial slavery is the first step and prerequisite to physical slavery and genocide, and the christian religions mafiosos rackets with the vultures usury banking pigs, are the top architects and accomplices of this filth.


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