Joe Higgins MEP explaining why he supports the “No TAV” campaign

Joe Higgins MEP explaining why he supports the ‘No TAV’ campaign


I don’t understand this no-tav fuzz at all. So the locals, who have accepted freeways and railroads, are planning to go to Paris or Rome in 10 hours instead than 3 hours, because even if they all buy Lamborghini’s cashing on their tourist gig, at some point in the future, they won’t have any gas to put in their cars, and airlines will all be out of business for the same reason.

Fine, find a different place to get it trough, and let them go back to the stone age, maybe we can get to France/Italy in a tunnel underwater near the coast, may cost more, but there is no other option than tav, if we may want to be in the civilized world in 20 years, the sad story is that piedmont and savoy will be cut out of civilization, but if they want to shot themselves in their foot with an AK47, let them.

They should wander if any tourist may go there with gas un-affordable or railroads that look like the far west, but it is their call, anybody is entitled to commit collective suicide the way they wish, hallelujah.


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