The Uncertain Rule of Law

The Uncertain Rule of Law


“is nothing new. It was [five-time prime minister Giovanni – Trans.] Giolitti who said that laws are enforced on enemies and interpreted for friends”

Well, there is a serious possibility that after the cato-marxist corrupted racket has gotten away with stealing pensions contributions from workers to finance golden pensions of the “meritable castes” and the cato-socialist drama is now split in pieces forking back towards an old PSI like side and a DC like side, Grillo may end up making it in the next elections.

The possibility is simply an obvious result of the increasing now at 127% debt to GDP ratio, further unstoppable increase on youth unemployment now at 40%, and general negative disposable income among the population, which results in a slow but inevitable de-industrialization of the country, made worse by the usual politics of cow milking of the “caste,” AKA further increases of taxations and other charges, already at worse level than banana republics.

The current parties, PD, PDL and Monti gig, have proved not to be able to solve practically anything that is not either related to their power hold on chairs, or their interests, in so they should not expect any electoral compensation, for further contributing to the ruin of the country with their ‘merits,’ and furthermore Italy is on the verge of economic collapse, and such collapse will take down the entire European Community, in so it looks quite puzzling nothing has been done internationally to stop those fools.

Reuters can say whatever they want, about alleged capacity and competence of the country in going trough this mess, but if I had to decide what to do with mine or my clients money, at this point I would say short and get the hell out, allelujah.


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