Persistent Support: How Italy’s Tangled Taxes Help Berlusconi

Persistent Support: How Italy’s Tangled Taxes Help Berlusconi


“How did Berlusconi — a man who in most other countries would have long ago been politically dead — manage to orchestrate such a political drama? In large part, the answer comes back to taxes. In threatening to bring down the government under the guise of his opposition to a property tax and a planned increase of value-added tax (VAT), Berlusconi attempted to play to Italians’ deep disdain for the country’s tax code. … the Italian tax system is ‘characterized by a bureaucracy and zany collection system worthy of the worst medieval extortionists.’ … Italy has one of the highest tax evasion rates in the developed world … tax evasion was simply a logical response to excessively high tax rates … After taxes on profits and labor, the average Italian company pays around 68 percent annually … In the north of Italy, people go to Austria to open companies, where there is a flat taxation rate … While his party may still be popular with small businesses and families, ‘during his years of government, there were not any adequate or concrete measures for re-establishing the rule of law on fiscal issues or in reducing taxes’ … a myriad number of ‘hidden taxes’ in addition to ‘classical taxation’ … The only way to radically combat tax evasion, when taxation is so choking, is to reduce the level of it and give taxpayers some guarantees that their money will be used for social services.”

Yes “The only way” will never happen in the italian christo-marxist talebanate, besides other issues about which the ‘meritable’ doctor everybody with bulls, so that they can continue unpunished to pursue their cato-marxist political racket, but some “facts” remain:

1) Berlusconi is not the only one sentenced in the parliaments, and such parliaments will not have in the world public opinion, any higher legal legitimacy until the other sixty or more people in situations past or present similar (and most of the times worse,) may be out of there, not talking about it only evidences the ‘collusion’ of the political caste with criminal behavior, IOW those are ‘their’ accomplices, the Berlusconi scape goat does not persuade anybody, worse, it appears that the same issue is happening again, whereas after the second war pius XII should have been hanged in milan, since the pig was guilty of greater crimes than mussolini, but the usual ‘caste’ found as usual a scape goat to save the vatican head of the mafia octopus, and perpetuate itself.

2) The italian taxation codes are impossible to understand even to the highest experts of taxation, fact which should suggest some willingly fraudulent loop holes for the usual ‘caste’ of the cato-talebanate italiotic christo mafia and criminal affiliates, there is no way out in a system which has lost all of it’s legitimacy, no hope of any moral integrity to fix itself, the increase of dept of influence of criminal rackets, all rigorously christian, in the whole country, suggests that the a large majority of the ‘democratically elected’ parliamentary ‘caste’ has got there by the sponsoring of crime money, IOW the current political class, is colluded with religion socialist and predation marxist socialist crime, which are all together, ‘one’ racket.

3) The only solution to make the italiotic tax system legal, could be unified taxation codes in the whole European community, codes which the bigotry of the rogue genocide state of the vatican and the other criminal rackets to which they forgive sins for their self interests, could not influence.

4) And the other only way, for the public services, is to start being serious, instead than doctoring the world about the ‘caste’ merits into bankrupting a country and taking it into the third world, by maintaining a bizantine legislation system, and a ‘caste’ of parasites chair warmers, totally incompetent in any possible field of knowledge, but real experts of dogmas, quackeries, and other methods to fill their pockets and guarantee themselves a comfortable and highly (multiple times) paid chair to warm up, doing nothing or worse, damaging the country with their ‘meritable’ idiocies, memento.


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