Rise of the ‘bamboccioni’ (big babies): Why more young Italians than ever before are choosing to live at home

Rise of the ‘bamboccioni’ (big babies): Why more young Italians than ever before are choosing to live at home

(from dailymail.co.uk)

“But reasons for staying put are primarily financial or educational, a survey found. The desire to stay with family was a distant third. … Although they are mocked as ‘bamboccioni’ (big babies) who choose to live a pampered life, a growing number have no choice because they can’t get a steady job or afford a home of their own. … After the steep recession in 2008-09, the number of 18 to 34-year-olds now living with their parents is 60 per cent – up from 49 per cent in 1983. “

Well, that’s the natural outcome of running a country as a parsonage, to anybody in the world that may want to see the mega-failure of two “dogmas” with zero intellectual value, the combination of marxist quackery with christian quackery, the results are under the eyes of the whole planet. Beware Marxists and Christian pigs criminal corruption, that’s what you get with no incentives other than kissing the ass of the pastor or the syndicate bosses.

Both the brain washing of the godly skim with the brain washing of the proletariat skim, have produced spineless generations, and the sad truth is that this parsonage intellectual filth is expanding all over the western culture, because the “corruption of democracies,” the filth resulting from this socialist marxist and/or parsonage thinking, is growing, not too much because of marxism, which has proved to be a failed system, “but” because of growth of the “population bomb” of the filthy genocide, racist, homophobic, xenophobic Christian filth, the religion for losers on top of all the crimes of humanity, which “conveniently forgives,” in exchange of monopoly in the money traffickers racket in the temple, the hold on the usury rackets of criminals it’s accomplices.

And while the Marxists may have a bit of dignity, and admit that their economic system is conceptually and historically bankrupt, the idiots that believe in the fantasy friend in the sky, don’t surrender even in front of the facts and the evidence, and with their co-conspirators, the filthy genocidal usury masters and all their public and political puppets, they prepare the usual inquisitions and the usual holocausts, corrupting the state of law for their convenience.

Humans in general, and the younger generation in particular, must chose if they want to live or be exterminated by those rackets of predators, IOW if they want to live on their feet, instead than facing “planned extermination” on their knees, they will have to open their eyes to see the truth and proceed to dispose, one way or another, of the three rackets, christos pigs, politics syndacate, and usury banksters, including all their puppets, or go back to the stone age.

The current path leads to national bankruptcy and collective suicide, and the more time goes by, and the higher becomes the risk of total war and collapse of civilization, it is time now to bury weapons for self defense, against the ‘plans’ of extermination by these three categories of filthy bastards crooks thieves and their supporters, who have sold the country to the treasonous religious and banking “new world order” genocide foreign conspiracy of christo-mafia banksters rackets, and when it is time to go, it is necessary to take as many as possible, their world is not worth living in, their power is a future of slavery in the stone age, the “whole” of those categories of filthy crooks “traitors” must be wiped out, including the rogue genocide criminal state of the vatican, over which grass must never grow again.

All the above keeping in mind that the “legitimacy” of the power is “with the people” whenever it’s government “caste” and the genocidal religious filth they bow upon, has betray the constitution, the laws, “but more importantly” “the interest of the nation” which is “above” the constitution and the laws, the “people” have the “ultimate” right to judge and execute all traitors, all corrupted, all “castes” included, and hopefully hang them all, there are plenty of balconies and light poles, let their dead bodies to rot there as “first example” of what must happen to ‘meritable’ traitors.

This is the ‘real story’ of the christian mafia presence in governance in the country (religion which as Nazism should IMVHO “banned” and “made illegal,” on the base of the fact that is a “cult of hate and genocide”):”

The Vatican’s Holocaust, The sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century … Catholic friars, priests, executioners, bishops and murderers


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