News about Italy, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

News about Italy, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.


“European Union’s top official, visits Italian island Lampedusa … Carmine Mainella, sharpener of knives, scissors, meat-slicing blades and sundry metal items in Rome, is one of the last members of the profession … Special panel of the Italian Senate votes to strip Silvio Berlusconi of his seat”

Well, is good they did not notice a lot of things going on:

1) At current immigration rate (8% growth per year) the foreign population in Italy is going to be the majority in 2031, this without e3ven counting over-procreation, which for bigots religious freaks, we know being about four times higher than normal people.

2) Apparently religious quackeries, after destroying the PD and the Northern League, are now breaking apart PDL, Monti union, and even the Grillo movement, a symptom that the national bigotry obsession can only imply a future for the country in the third world, nevertheless the vatican, prime cause of the ruins of italy, keeps interfering in the political process, this also a visible sign of the results of the second war conspiracy, whereas the reborn republic was subdue to the nazi rogue genocide state of the vatican, for the convenience of the christo nazi mobsters wall street banking usury cabal.

3) A “c” series Nazi, a puppet of a larger plan, guilty instrument of mass murder, no doubt, “but” related, “but” not in command in a case of war genocide, occupies the pages of the corrupted newspapers, which however never mentioned since the times of the second war, of the genocide in Croatia who’s “architects” were the hierarchies of the rogue genocide bloody filthy vatican crooks talebanate. “And” the vatican wants to make “saint” the war criminal genocidal assassin satanic pope, Pius the XIIth, the godfather of his accomplice, Ante Pavelic, that under his satanic reign, was sneaked free in south America, to cover the Vatican genocide, hallelujah, when we may want to talk of “intellectual honesty,” we have better do so someplace else.

4) The Italian postal service, owner of a semi-bankrupt airline, buys another semi-bankrupt air line, we can only hope that KLM and Air France may step in and buy both, “fast,” before they both may need another rescue from who knows who, hallelujah.

5) 100 different taxes per person, can only happen in the state at limited sovereignty under the pope king, which has successfully merged the kingdom of little king Francis of Naples, with a parsonage, and with the remains of the original state of the popes kings of pre reunification of Italy, now in version 2.0, the reality outdoes even the best Nino Manfredi movie work.

6) Lawyers complaining of not getting paid, well, just as in the US, open a non profit for the purpose of free legal assistance costs coverage, and get the eight per thousand and private donations to cover the bills of the ones who can not afford any longer counsel, normal here in the US, has been so for many decades.

7) Italian are unemployable because incompetent, well, from the actual situation of the country and the last ten years trends, it “does” objectively look as all the incompetents are actually employed, while the lack of employment positions offers, seems to indicate that the evaluation / assessment of competence of the unemployed, may be irrelevant.

8) Amnesty case, is a necessary patch with urgent procedure, “but” consistent recourse to amnesty every six months, implies both “uncertainty of enforcement of the laws” and excessive confusion in the legal system, lacking capacity of proportionality in the enforcement. The christo talebanate dictatorial desires of maintaining victim-less crimes persecution, when the whole civilized world is de-penalizing them, looks like a further desire of going back in history at the expenses of both human rights and the taxpayer. Religious bigotry should be removed from the legal system, in order to obtain a better match between judiciary capacity and credibility.

9) Apparently the health reform is cutting in the wrong place, re-sizing hospitals and services instead than replacing with computers the useless 40% of administrative costs occupied by chair warmers, clients of the political “caste,” guess the exchange vote is a priority for the “merit able.”

10) Grillo is right when he states that the 300K financing per person to politics is a fraud, and the new pope is right when he states that females in the church don’t have enough power, maybe with females some of the crimes against humanity in the history of the vatican, could have been possibly either avoided or have lower impact. Females are maternal by instinct, and generally less inclined to murder and crime, a fact of history.

11) Students can keep protesting, but it looks like the “merit able” caste has no intention to lose the grip of one of the few 100% public university systems left on the whole planet, regardless of the damage it causes to them, unfortunately “conflict of interest” rules in the country.

12) And let’s forget all the bribe cases, and women murders news, hallelujah.

It is a good thing that only a few abroad, know how to look for Italian news, if it was not so, the credibility of the country would be under the floor, if they only knew the ‘details’ of the everyday political scene, instead than reading only Reuters.


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