Torresol Energy brings online two 50MW thermal solar plants

Torresol Energy brings online two 50MW thermal solar plants


“With these twin plants in Spain, Torresol Energy completes the first stage of our Strategic Plan. We now have three plants up and running, Valle 1 & Valle 2 and Gemasolar, in the South of Spain, and a proven track record that we can operate and carry out the maintenance of CSP plants both in power tower technology and parabolic trough technology”

Spain is doing very good in energy, but to avoid backslashes and loss of the current very advanced position in the EC market, some things long due, such as cutting off the subsidies to old admortized technologies, and let the prices float on market value, have been due for a long time. Also, the issue of water, possibly could be solved the same way, eliminating the “political prices” of the state monopoly dinosaurs, breaking down the system in city companies, with private minority participation.

Possibly, out of the PIIGS, Spain is the country best positioned to come out of the group as a raising star in the Euro system, however as in any other western economy, the banking usury has to be tightly controlled, not to let parasites milk the effort of the people in getting ahead, and many other savings in several sectors, could emerge from eliminating the extortion predatory presence of religion in governance.


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