Italian MPs among highest paid in Europe

Italian MPs among highest paid in Europe


“The Italian earnings trump six other European countries – Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK – in research conducted by Pablo Oñate, a professor at Charles III University of Madrid.”

Well, a “unified” European code of “taxation,” unified number of maximum members in chambers at central, regional and local level, plus “unified public employees compensation rules,” are probably the only avenues to take back the “meritable” parasites to reason, and give a minimum of international credibility to countries affected by conflict of interest mismanagement, in the PIIGS zone political circus, suicide “meritable” parasitic politics costing the taxpayer in Italy, about 200 billions a year, a shame.

Same thing for the privatizations, it is needed a European law that limits at a maximum percentage, the public ownership into companies which are generally private in the west, but the ‘caste’ in the PIIGS nations, for “obvious” conflict of interest, keeps foraging with government money, and general tax extortion on the population, “a scandal.” One “notorious” case of such abuse, is the Italian “public television” scandal, the RAI, a circus built for political clientèle purpose, with “absolutely” no use as public company, no purpose, and no equals in the civilized world.

“And” the European community should “freeze” all rescue and funding interventions in the PIIGS zone until such cases of “clear conflict of interest abuse” are solved, otherwise the same “caste” will keep milking the cow forever, while the value at risk in the countries of irresponsible “meritable” castes will keep increasing with no control, (and with accounting tricks,) until one or more countries may default, “and” may bankrupt the whole European Community in the process.


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