Sawiris Still Interested In Telecom Italia Stake

Sawiris Still Interested In Telecom Italia Stake


“In 1998, OTH launched Mobinil, the first mobile operator in Egypt. OTH has 20,000 employees and manages 11 GSM operators around the world. … In the beginning, OTH’s strategy was to target underpenetrated high population markets. … But soon after, it pursued more developed markets, with the launch of Wind Mobile by Globalive, its Canadian unit in December 2009.”

Certainly, the telecom wireless company in Brazil is a deal, the issue is that Italy should either chose to stay out of leading edge industries and complete the process to became a christo-socialist talebanate, or get serious and start doing what needs to be done, leaving out political, religious, and all other conflicts of interest.

Telecom has been a company plagued for decades by the incompetence conflict of interest of the “cathedrals in the desert” marxist-christians clientèle politics of the Italian “caste,” if it just was run as a private company needs to be run, it would have been highly successful.

The telecom italy problem has more to deal with the unions syndicate, lack of investments and use of resources to finance “castes” excess of fixed costs, banking usury and corsairs pockets and golden parachutes, with management chosen among former politically blessed folks, of the same cato-marxist talebanate agenda.


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