The Demise of Italy and the Rise of Chaos

The Demise of Italy and the Rise of Chaos


“Italy has currently the highest taxation levels on companies in the EU and one of the highest in the world. This factor, together with a fatal mix of awful financial management, inadequate infrastructure, ubiquitous corruption and an inefficient bureaucracy, which includes the slowest and most unreliable justice system in Europe, is pushing all remaining entrepreneurs out of the country … In sum, everybody in the country producing anything of value, together with most of the educated people is leaving, planning to leave, or would like to leave. Indeed, Italy has become a place for some sort of demographic pillaging from the perspective of other, more organised countries, which have long seen the opportunity to easily attract highly qualified workers, often trained at the expenses of the Italian state, simply by offering them resonable economic prospects which they will never see if they remain in Italy. … All this seems not to preoccupy the Italian political leadership. On the one hand, the country is the prisoner of a cultural duopoly: it is either the Catholic culture, or the socialist culture. Both are preoccupied with universal ambitions (somehow eschatological and increasingly anti-modernist) which make the national perspective unviable to them. …the Italian state was created by liberal-conservative and monarchist modernists, sometimes animated by virulent forms of anticlericalism, essentially the opposite of the current political elite “

Well, apparently such issues are not acknowledged by the cato-marxist talebanate program, of a limited sovereignty republic, sort of a parsonage for the rogue genocidal state of the pope king, inventing sins for profit and forgiving sins to everybody for a fee.

One reader writes: “As Thatcher once said: “the problem with collectivism is that at some point you finish other people money”” on a similar discussion I once wrote also that “the problem with predatory monetary usury capitalism, is that at some point, nothing is left to predate upon,” and in the case of Italy, the answer is “both,” what is left, a country to stay away from, to be ‘objective.’

Is there any hope ? Maybe, but I can not suggest the ‘notorious’ solution to re-establish common sense legality in a country too much brainwashed by marxist and christian quackeries. For once, even another partial quackery, the dogma of ‘economics,’ has a better solution to propose than the current parsonage racket of ‘meritable’ chair-warmers for multiple fees. There is no end of the tunnel for Italy, until the whole system is overhauled, the marxists are mailed out to china, and the vatican is made into a football field with a caterpillar.


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