Public financing for the parties: “everyone gets an equal share” #leggetruffa

Public financing for the parties: “everyone gets an equal share” #leggetruffa


“What’s even more serious is that this law officially places the political system into the hands of the great big economic powers, the lobbies, and even criminal associations that are always on the lookout for new profitable channels to use for money laundering”

True, and “all that” because the “caste” of the “not negotiable” with the exclusive “merit” of having bankrupted a country for their “conflict of interest” preservation, and the amplification of the same “caste” of “merit able” chair warmers in useless institutions applying useless and contradictory “special interests” laws, has no intentions to cut on those 850 billions a year public expenditures, which in a private system would be probably handled easy spending 200 billions less, with a productivity of pretty much “twice” the current services, (and it is not a myth, actually the reality is closer to 50% of useless, which would make 425 billions, compare the tax rates with the US, and is “very easy” to “prove” so,) hallelujah.

But in a country parsonage, blaming everybody else for their ‘sins’ while it can not see it’s own decay into a society of institutionalized illegality and bigotry, all comments are superfluous, I regret having to acknowledge that the existence itself of Italy “as we knew it” in the last century, may only remain in the current century among the “Italian nation” abroad. I don’t want to sound as doctor doom, but “the evidence” seems to point that the “country” of Italy has nothing left of the original Italian spirit, better represented by the “nation” of Italy of all the communities around the world, while the demographics themselves of the country are affected by heavy emigration of mercantile inclined people and heavy immigration of religiously inclined people, over-procreation of the christian idiots, while anybody normal pretty much reduced procreation to a bare minimum, together with the loss of credibility of most sectors of the local, regional and central administration, due to decades of involvements in all kind of ‘rackets’ and criminal ventures, may suggest only a grim future.

The predictive picture in my mind, about Italy 2030, points to something similar to the Iran post revolution, a step back in history towards a middle age christo-talebanate, a society ruled trough connivance of institutionalized crime, tacitly permitted violations of human rights for the support of “the caste” political agendas, a society with no privacy rights and total abuse on STASI style, “double,” if not worse, where all spy on all for the agenda of the christo-mafia talebanate, and a media circus censored or in connivance with the Christian genocide lies, managed as a parsonage and as a cow to milk, for the preservation of a Vatican ayatollahs propaganda and dictatorial agenda, and their accomplices.

The fact itself that the rogue genocidal state of the vatican and the followers of the mafia and new world order marxi-nazi religion of genocide, catholicism, deny and censor in the country information, over the “many” crimes against humanity of which such filth of apostasy sold to the gonzo as a ‘religion’ is guilty of, positions taleban catholic Italy in an even worse position of Iran, which has proved more intellectual honesty.

From the ‘evidence’ of Italy homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist, extortive-predatory, racist, bigot fanatic, population drama amplified by corrupted media and rogue fringes in public institutions, and the “problems known all over the world” due to the worldwide systemic export of criminal strictly catholic rackets from the country, Italy is on it’s way to something like Afghanistan, but rigorously under a talebanate made up of a mix of socialist extortive and socialist christian connivance predation with organized crime protection, a divestiture and intimidation agenda, programs most likely controlled by a secret mafia-style catholic society at the service of the genocide rogue vatican state, and at the top of an ‘unspeakable of’ the same type of catholic mafia-like structure which moves the strings of a significant number of barely presentable politicians, whose affiliates status of “caste” is assured trough corruption, (possibly a vatican catholic controlled mafia, maybe even a christian-mafia style secret society, a ‘racket’ at the service of the traditional catholic intelligentsia in Rome.)

In so the rogue cato-taleban socialist-criminal dictatorship is on it’s way to power consolidation, trough an incoming “dictatorship of the justice system” at the service of the christian marxist talebanate merit able caste accomplices, method successfully implemented in pasdaran’s Turkey, also looking back in history to become a middle age primitive rogue religious-criminal socialist dictatorship. The laws over restriction of freedom of speech, fraudulent sale of politics to the best offer (including hidden methods of recycling of dirty money hidden in such laws,) and retro-activity, can not indicate any other possibility of future developments.


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