March on Rome

March on Rome


“The march itself was composed of fewer than 30,000 men, but the king in part feared a civil war”

Well, apparently today there were 100,000 people in Rome, which were able to obtain and/or resolve pretty much nothing, because themselves at the service of the masters of thinking with no “intellectual honesty,” the political caste pillaging the country, and the church “you can’t refuse,” the chief racket of the crime forgivers, a filth international crime cartel, a criminal association with the purpose of committing crimes against humanity, using the false pretense of religion, to cover their banking usury rackets, their mafias forgiven sins for the refill of their coffers with the skim, and not ultimate, “their genocides.”

Those 100,000 sheeples, all spineless and useless wasters of good air, are, most likely good catholics (and in so servant of a rogue genocidal state, perpetrator of thousands of crimes against humanity, a world scale criminal institution, the “first” prototype and apotheoses of satanic evil and apostasy,) and/or good socialists of the other kind (Christianity is one too,) Bolshevism, but in the version for the bar sport, all words and no results, in so today circus was little more than a show for electoral purpose, maybe with the hidden agenda of bringing votes to all the same ones who are already there milking the cow, with the blessings of the chief architects of the rogue state of the pope king.

All smoke and no substance, Mussolini missed the right target, he should have mined the Vatican and blown it up, the march went in the wrong place, it should have been “the March on the Vatican,” maybe history could have been different from there on, as it stands, “the cancer,” AKA the Italian problem, is not solved.


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