The Peak Oil Crisis: Perspective

The Peak Oil Crisis: Perspective


“There are at least six major forces moving civilization in the world today: 1) population growth: 2) economic growth; 3) political stability; 4) technological innovation; and more recently 5) resource depletion and 6.) climate change.”

Yup, outside of the PIIGS political bulls, where most of the time is spent in charlatans useless discussions, besides brainwashing indoctrination of the population about the fantasy “merits” and the “not negotiability” of the idiots that have put the countries (and the planet,) in a pattern trending towards self destruction, “besides” all the things that should be done (covered extensively in the various blogs,) “and” are not, because of the religion quackery, AKA “Christianity” and the voodoo magics usury quackery, AKA “economics,” a quick look from a Canada source (strategic planning for western Canada,) not included, for the approach to the next three decades and beyond, indicates the following problems, that regardless of what the religious and usury predation quackeries of “the caste” may want, “will have” to be addressed in the PIIGS nations and in most of the EC, if there may be a “slight” hope of survival of more than 5% (you read it right, five percent, the rest “all dead,”) of the population in the EC in the next three decades:

1) Anything below sixty “meters” in elevation “may” be submerged anytime from now to before 2070, any area at that level of elevation “and below” should be designated as “for scavenging only” and buildings and structures should “not” be fixed nor retrofitted, but solely “declared condemned” (non habitable,) and cannibalized for supplies to zones over 60 meters of elevation.

All the industrial, commercial enterprise, bases and governance, should be moved out of such places to the installations on higher grounds. Cities and strategic locations, which can not be moved (such Venice, and places in Holland,) should design/retrofit the protection systems, for such levels of waters.

2) Energy output level (and in so also food level) predicted for 2070 should be at the same level of 1930, and so should be the population level. Considering the over the average die-off of the baby boomer generation, predicted from now to 2040, “still” the “birth rate” “plus” the “immigration rate” should be “negative” at about -1%.

3) Global ecosystem problems, predict global mass migrations from now to 2040, due to oil peak, water shortages, and climate change, while from 2040 to 2070 global “and internal” mass migrations increase also for raise of the ocean levels, from the submerged cities.

4) Largest cities (over 2 millions population,) are too big to keep being supplied, marbelization or a lace-work pattern of town with country is indispensable from now in such cities, no more permits of repairs should be provided, and such buildings should be condemned and demolished, in order to create green spots for city farming trough marbelization to produce food supplies for the cities.

5) Cost of transport “will” exceed cost of food, the only option to “eat” is “local production,” the alternative as per today system, is dying of starvation.

6) Long distance electric grid will be failing and unmaintainable/nonrenewable for lack of resources, “energy must be produced and used locally.” Biomass and biofuels (prohibited from eatable feed,) should be used at the maximum, for local supply, fuel companies should be “local” in each area at county size, fuel transport costs may become prohibitive. Railroads and navigation channels should be maximized in operation, “city sized” small nuclear reactors (possibly green and safe molten salts reactors,) should be considered.

7) Unsustainable cities “will be” the death bed of millions, marbelization or a lace-work pattern of town with country is indispensable, same issue as per larger cities, no more permits for repairs should be provided, buildings should be condemned and demolished, in order to create green spots for city farming trough marbelization to produce food supplies for the cities.

8) Desertification and climate change must be considered, the PIGS (not Ireland,) will be affected by the same problems of North Africa, Northern Europe will face more severe weather and loss of production, “but” mid latitudes of central Europe, may produce higher output.

9) Cities are inefficient, the best layout is reconsidering the distribution of pre industrial revolution, “but” at elevations over 60 meters, “and” in zones “not affected” by the last glaciation. All the concepts of oil era urban planning, must be thrown in the garbage, and the planning methods of pre-industrial revolution must be put in service and enforced, with due corrections for other modern challenges. Linear planning is obsolete.

10) All cultures based on fertilizers and pesticides will fail for lack of petroleum, there is a need of return to human labor input and drought animal aids. Anarchy and social failures may start as early as 2020, governments won’t be able to pay for neither justice, nor defense, nor any other public activity. It is highly advisable for militaries and police forces, to switch to a model of smaller districts and local bases on the territory, while converting “immediately” to a “total defense” model, in order to preserve minimum operational capability. Aviation should look “now” at LTA transport, marine should look now at “sails,” army should look “now” at railroad, horses and mules.

11) Migrations from now to 2018 will be increasing sharply, after the first great migrations (double from the first period, something like the barbarian invasions,) will happen between 2017 and 2035, thereafter the migration flow will “triple.” Great loss of coastal cities and farmland (because of raise of water levels,) will occur before 2030, and before 2070 the level of the waters should be at 60 meters.

12) Water supplies “will be critical” is time now to create local water companies, and possibly solar thermal desalination systems integrated with thermal solar, keeping in mind the 60 meters MSL.

13) Country and cities have to look at defend-able community design, and adjust all projects (wales, movable bridges, et cetera.) Cannibalization and reutilization, in the process of move over 60 meters “and” of marbelization / lace-work pattern of town with country should be the rule, local producing companies, should be able to offer both new and recycled products.

14) There won’t be a “rescue” next time, there won’t be nobody who can rescue anything. The best long term policy about long distance assets, is “sell quickly to the ones in the community where the asset is.” There won’t be no oil to reach some places, and even if there was, it would be too dangerous, it will be civil wars all over the planet, everywhere, better spending resources at home, de-globalize “now,” before is too late. Your next car, if you live in the country, should be a horse, a bull or a mule. If you live in the city, your future is urban guerrilla, buy a couple of bicycles, maybe an electric plus pedals mini vehicle, a recumbent.

15) All “specializations” are doomed, the future belongs to the generals and the generalists. The whole chain of supply and production will collapse, because is based on transport, what will survive is “local” community chain of supply/distribution. No fix, no future, “inevitable.” The rule is 4000 square meters of cultures to feed each human, in the age of post chemical fertilizers and manure, better have some cows, horses and donkeys, and recycle the piss as well, we are running out of phosphorous in a decade and a half.

16) Militaries should prepare readiness for transforming large cities in concentration camps, and should be organized for large food logistic distributions, maybe something to do for religions, deliver meals, in the cities, nobody goes out, nobody goes in, everybody stands in line for a meal, like Auschwitz at the 8th power. Governance will become local, under the military authority of the city-state. Farmers will be 90% of the population again. An article on the journal Nature Geo-science, predicts about half Italy, with the most of the Padan Plain, 60 meters underwater by 2090.

17) Permacolture, trees and wild animals “must” be repopulated and returned to the high lands, hunting non-predatory species must be banned, laws must be passed forcing the owners of land to give access to the wild animals for free pasture, to the grass fields in rotation. Compulsory rotating crops must be reintroduced “by law,” to rebuild the depleted soil on time. All economists, preachers and attorneys, must be expelled out of businesses and government operational capacity (politics included) and confined into legal and accounting offices, replaced by scientists of the specific fields. The concept of “growth” must be replaced by the concept of “grown energy efficiency,” all price and accounting “must be” computed on energy calorics, progressively currency and usury must be phased out, replaced by rations of allotment.

18) Implementing all the above and much more, (in the recycling arena,) should guarantee a survival of 15 to 20% of “current” population, which at 1% negative growth, would be more or less 30 to 40% of 2070 population, failure to act “now” implies catastrophic failure somewhere around a couple of decades, may be less or more, and survival of “less than” 5% of current population. This is the situation, actually Canada is already working on all this. The future of architecture is outside of the cities, in self sustainable rural resettlements.

Apparently the friends of the professor at Bilderberg, are even studying human decimation options, maybe with the complicity of the the other usual wall street usury genocide slavists christo mafio crooks and the usual genocide rogue nazi vatican state of the “not negotiable ones,” the friends of the satanic pope pius the XIIth, the genocide world architects of the “population bomb,” their “plan” is killing more or less the 99% of the world population, they always like to drink out of the blood of genocide, the christo usury vampires, hallelujah.

Now, here the decisions necessary are very hard to make, and we hope “somebody” may start putting aside their “merits” and “not negotiable” rhetoric, and other “superior” attitudes of the caste, and pull up the sleeves to do something, before it may be too late to control the contingency plans which will “automatically” kick in after some loss of control occurs, and when those inter-alliance plans kick in, nobody knows whose heads would be very safe.


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