Work and Wealth Creation

Work and Wealth Creation

(from of aug 10th 2012)

“But let’s look on the bright side. Let’s say that the Monti government finally manages to stop the waste and the pilfering. It would then have money, which – given the high levels of unemployment, especially among the young – it ought to invest in equally necessary public-sector projects. Even in that case, there would still be no money to invest in wealth creation and growth. Or am I missing something? Is there an economist out there who can help me get this straight?”

It is interesting to compare the hopes of back then with the actual results. All the Monti government was able to do, was financing current expenses of his semester, funded trough “legalized theft” of pensions contributions from poor people, (Fornero reform,) “people who actually worked and paid such contributions,” all the above including paying out of such contributions to “merit-able parasites,” AKA “accumulators of golden parachutes and pensions,” who actually should be tried for “treason” for having sold (and/or persevered in the sale of) the sovereignty of the country, to “foreign usury” “banksters rackets,” and to the treasonous genocide rogue state of the Vatican.

On a today commentary of Veneziani, which mentions the alleged technocratic Monti government design, I would like to add that Bilderberg Club members have very little of technocracy interests, the description itself of such group, points more to wall street banksters and industrialists than to science, as stated before, just as the Nobel in economics is not a Nobel, economists can not be technocracy members even in good faith, because professing a “dogma” and not practicing a “hard science,” “technocracy is a different animal.”

However “I do” agree with Veneziani that “the only way” a government “may” be able to function in Italy, is “direct election with no limits of mandate and term immunity,” maybe for two years term, to be safe, possibly with enhanced attributions to the Presidency to dismiss such government or it’s members for manifest constitutional violation of their administrations, “and” I would add “with” the relocation of the parliaments in some other place than Rome, in order to close the circus shows which currently characterize the parliamentary activity, maybe they could all be moved to Florence, where they can spend all day “legislating” instead than arguing over what the “executive” branch is doing. As it stands, the confusion and continuous interference between legislative and executive is keeping the whole apparatus in stall.

Back to Mr. Sartori article “Nowadays, most economists focus on the financial economy, the one that enriches speculators, Wall Street, the banks and in turn the economists who advise them. Let me simplify. The financial economy enables money to be earned (and lost) but of itself manufactures only paper, ultimately generating the junk paper of today’s so-called “derivatives.”” obvious result of a discipline (economics,) which is based upon unsubstantiated dogma, quackeries, (e.g. “monetary efficiency,”) in so they are not very different from the ones that have santa klaus in the skies that forgives sins in change of money and privileges (10 billions a year “plus” tax exemption, in their “holy” recycling business,) the economists have the invisible cojones that hit you while you are bending over and lift your wallet filling theirs in the process.

The industrialization age made a shift from low energy output into high energy output, in so adjusting the production methods for low sustainable populations to high un-sustainable populations, such trend started reversing predictively in 1974 with peak discovery, and the “economics” category tried to extend their expired mythology as long as possible with globalization, and fraudulent manipulation of the monetary system to buy time. Such process which “they also” perfectly know is “unsustainable” (but openly lie about,) is rapidly decaying and is going to have to be reversed to match lower energy output, “unless” certain choices which economics, religion and politics “do not like” are made (such as the total elimination of money, towards an energy allotment system.)

Now in 2005 we finally hit peak production, and the measured drop in EROEI to maintain output, points to a trend of impending planetary crash (extinction,) with mass scale depopulation, which from the borders of the empire will reach the center, “unless” we move “for yesterday” into an unlimited energy scenario. But what would the high priests of usury and religious fallacy care for energy ? They are busy, as the last three governments evidence, as the last thirty years of politics confirm, to preserve their “budgets,” what do they care of killing billions of people, (and maybe and most likely themselves in the process,) all they care about is their golden pensions and golden parachutes, the “usury” they could cash upon, nothing else. The movie titanic gives a “perfect picture” of such “type” of parasites, sipping their brandy while the ship goes down, or corrupting the rescue boats to get ahead of women and children, “perfect picture” of this “useless” species of pigs.

The “reality” is that the “obstacles” to wealth creation in Italy, are “overburden of taxations” caused “exclusively” by “useless government presence,” IOW “all public employees and public agencies” with the exception of the Presidency, the Military, and the Justice system, (which could do anyhow spending half, since half of Italian laws are idiocies made to please the genocide catholic filth apostasy, the criminal rackets of the genocide state of the Vatican and accomplices,) maybe the hospitals, under the dept of the army, IOW “all the usury/financial system,” useless parasites, “all the tax evasions,” the parasitic circus of the RAI political brainwash behemoth, the 7000 useless state agencies, “all have to go.” When a country is at the point where one half of parasites, lives out of the output of ten percent of the population, with 40% in misery, there is no other solution than “total overhaul.”

the gospel of globalization will end soon, with the world crashes of the money systems, and (for you folks there) the barbarian invasions from the east, the middle east and the south, to which you will be “totally unprepared” because you want to spend 2% for your defense, to feed the golden pensions and the golden parachutes of the parasites, to keep open cities of 100 people for political clientèle, to rig contracts to provide them to your friends and sons of the white swan, instead than buying on the open market at fair prices, and so forth, IOW your democracy guarantees that the most corrupt incompetents run the country, while “we,” in north America spend a lot more than you in defense, and have “a lot less” of your useless bigotry laws and useless government, “and” a better and functional welfare system, “all facts,” hallelujah.

Is this going to save us ? Maybe not, but we will go down a few decades after you, no doubt. Without neo-cons crap we could possibly even get to 30 hours and some decent absorption of all the unemployment into artisans and professional local producing economies, but unfortunately we are run by Christian idiots and arrogant usury economist thieves banksters, and that is the “number one” issue where we may fail as well because of.


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