Italian Senate committee delays decision on Berlusconi vote

Italian Senate committee delays decision on Berlusconi vote


“The vote in the full Senate will decide the future of the billionaire media magnate, who has dominated Italian politics for the past two decades … The decision over his future has been one of the most sensitive issues facing Prime Minister Enrico Letta’s left-right coalition, which came close to collapsing last month when Berlusconi pulled his ministers out of the government”

Well, while it is almost certain the voting may not be in Berlusconi favor, an interesting number of consequences may emerge, such as the open Berlusconi views against the Euro may find a partner instead than with the current government, with the Grillo movement, and obviously the prospective of exit from the Euro would ‘definitively’ have some serious repercussions on spread and stocks.

OTOH, possibly a number of other interesting Grillo proposals could find a partner in Berlusconi movement, especially when it comes to chopping off the taxes and the chair-warmers in Rome, such as (from the Grillo program:)

-Abolition of the “provinces”
-Abolition of the electoral reimbursements
-Merger of the boroughs under 5,000 inhabitants
-Elimination of all special privileges for MPs
-Prohibition for parliamentarians to engage in any other activity during the mandate
-Impossibility to hold more than one public office for MPs
-Abolition of Authorities (ruling councils for Energy, telecoms, Privacy and so on)
-Approval of any law subject to effective Treasury funds availability
-Elimination of grants for state financing of newspapers
-Abolition of the Order of Journalists
-Two Italian public TV channels must be sold, leaves one public channel without advertising
-Prescription of the active ingredient instead of the brand name drugs
-Compulsory teaching of English from kindergarten school
-Abolition of the legal value of school and university qualifications
-Mandatory deployment of Internet access in all schools for students

And, I add, ‘why not’ the elimination of the Fornero law, and maybe ‘why not’ elimination of all the victim-less crimes from the codes, and maybe more …

We may see with time what is going to happen, surely some surprises are going to come out as a consequence, ‘and’ surely at the next elections those folks need all to have something to show to the electorate, besides the Berlusconi saga, so either they (grillo and berlusconi) disappear both, or they may make it big times in issues where nobody of the ‘caste’ ever wanted to dig into, we (meaning you folks,) are left with a big question mark, and also, for the Euro, a big risk, IMVHO not really worth to take, but you folks have to take responsibility of your decisions at this point, hallelujah.

Certainly the Presidency has a point when is inviting to get this week handled the un-constitutional electoral law, it would not sound too productive to have invalid elections, whenever they may be, especially if they may be sooner than expected.


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