Italy – The Vatican and the Mafia

Italy – The Vatican and the Mafia


“When mention is made of Italy, mixed in with thoughts of pasta and wine will be the Vatican and, the mafia … Yet the Vatican champions the morally right, while the mafia certainly does not”

Bulls, the vatican preaches morality and practices mafia methods planet-wise, the vatican is the head of the octopus, subverting italy establishment for their domination and genocide, consolidated in 2000 years of history of murders, blood spills, and other crimes, trough purchased political puppets and corruption, everywhere in the world, in so Christianity should be labeled as “a terrorist organization,” and treated as such.

Could you explain otherwise how the ‘the morally right’ hides a genocide for 60 years, and ‘nobody’ hangs them in Nuremberg ?

They (the Vatican religion quackery, and their buddies filth Christians) are the ‘architects,’ “they” are the ones that subverted the whole world monetary system for their convenience, trough their frauds (like the franklin bank,) and their ‘weapon of mass subversion,’ the ‘population bomb,’ most likely the banksters are their puppets too, they have either fears to react to the Christian genocide agenda, or they are ‘good christians genocide racketeers’ as well, ‘and’ make money in the process.

The vatican ‘is’ the ‘real’ mafia, those four or five poor people in sicily are just puppets of the largest criminal organization racket of the planet, the OPUS DEI (and their puppet branch, the IOR, the bank of god,) ask yourself why the corrupted justice around the world has never investigated those secret societies, in facts international rackets, criminal cartels, ‘and’ terrorists financiers.

It is almost time the justice systems of all the planet start looking at Christianity and the Vatican as a criminal racketeers organization, and act consequently, ‘and’ is almost time a country or a patriots organization, makes the filthy genocide state of Vatican pigs, ‘vaporize’ and ‘disappear from the face of the earth,’ any whoever who does so, will get perpetual recognition from the part of all the honest, simple, people of the planet, their ‘victims.’

To paraphrase the new pope (nice guy, but he is not enough to cancel two thousand years of blood of his vampire state,) ‘there is nothing which can erase from the heart of men, the crimes of god,’ or at the least committed in the name of gods kingdom and gods religion quackery.


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