TV Makes You Stupid

TV Makes You Stupid


“I haven’t watched TV since 1969. I worked in it for decades, and knew enough not to watch it … My wife watches reality shows, saying ‘look how stupid this is.’ That’s why people watch it; these shows are deliberately stupid … TV is bad: it caters to sucking as many people as possible in to watch for the purpose of selling ads … TV is going away, since only older people are still watching. People today watch the Internet instead. The Internet can make you stupid or smart, depending on what you do there … I worked in TV ever since high school. Working in TV is very different from watching it. I used to design weapons of mass destruction, too, but never shot off a boomer myself … Any time one person is watching TV, another person is reading, studying, exercising, and otherwise getting ahead of the loser in front of the TV”

So, today I read an editorial on one of the usual cato-marxist public cow financed, ministry of truth, AKA Italian newspapers, that goes on and on, talking of why today not watching television, is like in the last century, not reading classic literature, (and then goes on even misspelling the title of a Hemingway book, hallelujah, god praise the circus of RAI and newspapers full of crap, paid with the Italian tax payer money, better, tax extortion, hallelujah.)

It can not be stated better, I threw away my last TV in 1996, and before that time I only watched CNN (that back then was a serious network,) the only good advice for TV viewers planet-wise (especially in Italy, where public television is a cato-marxist method of mass indoctrination and brainwashing of quackeries, by the ministry of truth,) is to throw your TV off a cliff, or mail it back to the RAI behemoth, garbage in garbage out, stop feeding your brain plain idiocies, hallelujah.

And while you are at it, also throw away systems built to make you more stupid, wasting your time in fixing them or getting them to work right, besides spying on every second of your life, like windows and the smart phones.


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