Italy denies using derivatives to get into euro zone

Italy denies using derivatives to get into euro zone


“There is a time bomb in the public accounts … Many mistakes were made in the 1990s to get Italy into the euro … today they transform into even more debt, hidden by the official accounts in an very grey area of the Treasury that only a few people are able to understand and manage … The reported technique is redolent of derivative and accounting devices used by Greece to mask the weakness of its public finances before it joined the euro zone”

Now you know why the prior government has been stealing out of your pensions contributions, ‘and’ now you know why this government is ready to continue stealing out of your pensions contributions, they are now using your pensions contributions as an ATM machine, and next they will start taking money out of your bank accounts, to finance their meritable not negotiable christo-marxist skim, do not worry.

“But” the first real estate multinational in Europe, the Vatican, is still tax exempt, foraged with 10b plus a year, (here the EU hypocrites don’t say nothing, since they are all christian NWO racketeers too,) and your meritable parasites all have millionaires golden parachutes and ten pensions each, the country has probably thousands city counsels for 100 people cities, and 7000 useless public offices to accommodate the sons of the white swan of the limited sovereignty republic-parsonage under the two religious quackeries, Marxism and Christianity rackets, without even counting the ‘cathedrals in the desert,’ guess so it goes in the land of the legalized cato-marxist extortion rackets and casino finance, under the pope king.

Well, you have two options there, one is to die under a bridge with the sins forgiven by marx and god, ‘divested’ of anything you have, to keep paying the meritable and not negotiable christo-marxist rackets, or hang them all, up to you, you have to live ‘there,’ ‘chose,’ hallelujah. Then there is a third option, the ‘known plan,’ probably the wiser thing to do at this point, but the decision in merit is up to the presidency, before things spin out of control, and it is just a matter of time, only one thing is certain, not negotiable and meritable are castes of leaches the country can not afford any longer.


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