Exit Clause: Merkel’s Partners Want Broke Countries Out of Euro

Exit Clause: Merkel’s Partners Want Broke Countries Out of Euro

(from spiegel.de)

“In the text, which has been seen by SPIEGEL ONLINE, the CSU, the Bavarian sister party to Merkel’s CDU, calls for repeat deficit offenders to exit the euro zone. … The CSU wants member states who will not be in a position in the foreseeable future to fulfill the stability criteria of the Maastricht Treaty to be given the possibility of temporarily leaving the euro zone”

Well it is a match made in heaven, the german ‘christos’ usury masters of the NWO conspiracy of predation, have the same ‘interests’ (AKA usury predation and speculation,) of the christos bolshevists castes in the GIPSIC zone, ‘in the holy predation war,’ started by the fraud of the two terms of the grandson of hitler banker, in nazi-christo-mafia-bolshevist wall street, AKA ‘the new world order,’ of predation of citizens and countries, to allow for the ‘superior race’ ‘with standards’ of the ‘not negotiable,’ unlimited profits and absolute power, trough government contracts frauds and manipulation of justice and social fairness.

On top of this conspiracy the filthy racket of ‘not negotiable’ ‘religions’ (specifically the christian-catholic sewage,) and the mafia racket of usury banksters ‘meritable’ crime cartels, the ‘international racket’ of the NWO, AKA the fourth reich of the christo predatory genocides, in the US and the vatican, the money masters, the ‘architects’ of privatization of profits and socialization of losses. Now, politics have an easy and effective tool to permit a surge of neo (christo usury) nationalism among the creditors, and of neo (parsonage socialist) populism, with the ‘hidden agenda’ of a final extermination of the ‘dissidents’ of their christo mafia crime cartel.

Given how things are going in Italy, it is almost certain at this point (for lack of evidence of any ‘serious’ political action, and theater political and governance behavior,) that the soap opera among the pdl, the pd, and the castes of the meritable chair-warmers and not negotiable godly extortionists, is a joke, not to have to tell the Italian population that the not negotiable and meritable bankrupted the country with their leaching, and the country has no other way to proceed if not going back to the lira, for the purpose of further robbing (legally) in the exchange, half the wealth of the people (as successfully they did once going from lira to Euro,) ‘or’ alternatively, of introducing a combined greece-cyprus model predation plan, to guarantee the merit of the not negotiable, or the not negotiable merit, an easy lift from the people miserable wealth, IOW ‘an offer you can’t refuse, ‘with both meanings.’

The question the citizens of Europe (and not only,) should pose themselves at any level, would be: ‘is there anybody left’ in banking usury predation castes, economics quackery castes, financial robbery castes, political leeching castes, religious filthy extortion castes, which ‘is not’ ‘part of the conspiracy’ of the new world order ? And organize resistance accordingly, the situation of Europe is similar to the scenario analyzed by the designers of ‘stay behind’ except that instead of being invaded by the Russians, the ‘invaders’ are the christo socialists mafia rackets of banksters, politicians, economists and religious parasites.

IOW, ‘resist,’ is for now, before it gets to the extermination camps, again. As they say in Naples, ‘the rotten fish stinks from the head,’ but the throat is close enough, either the people who can see, may wipe ‘them’ out on time, or the populations will be ‘decimated’ as they say at the professors clubs (secret societies,) meetings, with the blessing of the terrorist secret societies of genocidal religion, AKA the Opus Dei, the god bank, and so on, the parsonage terrorist network.

Either religious and economic usury quackeries are ‘disposed of’ or humanity will be disposed of, chose, collective suicide or action, TINA, there is no other option than interesting times, times of change, turbulent changes, before the ‘architects’ get to mass extermination, ‘predation of assets’ is the ‘first step,’ prerequisite of all christo-marxist historical genocides, ‘wake up,’ ‘you are the victims’ and the ‘not negotiable’ and ‘meritable’ are the ones that ‘want you dead,’ and go hug your soldiers and policemen, ‘you need their help’ ‘to re-establish justice.’


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