The Great Sell-Off: Milan Mired in Crisis of Money and Spirit

The Great Sell-Off: Milan Mired in Crisis of Money and Spirit


“The days when Milan could call itself a bastion of growth and progress in Italy seem to be gone. As the crisis swells the ranks of the poor, members of the city’s business elite are jockeying for foreign investors while squabbling with courts over various legal entanglements.”

Well, for a minute we thought that the great challenges of modern times, ‘peak resources,’ ‘population bomb,’ ‘monetary inefficiency,’ could have caused a great awakening effect over the leading classes towards ‘reason,’ since we thought such caste to be too ignorant of scientific and geopolitics issues to make proper decisions.

Now we know it was all a dream, the caste is a decomposed cadaver like cancer, but actually not stupid when it comes to it’s convenient conflict of interest, and we know as well that the country has no legality any longer, having traded ‘justice’ for caste convenience of unwarranted privileges of sophistic alleged ‘merits’ in matters of quackery.

There is no way out of this insanity for Italy, besides an unthinkable coup of some good patriotic souls, the country is doomed, the future, a christo talebanate of lawless arbitrary corruption and legalized extortion driven pseudo governance, a banana republic, hundred years of the democracy of the christo marxist charlatans, transformed a world power into a christo mafia pit, hallelujah.


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