Spain Ikea receives 20,000 applications for 400 jobs

Spain Ikea receives 20,000 applications for 400 jobs


“A flood of more than 20,000 jobseekers applying for just 400 jobs at a new Ikea megastore in Spain overwhelmed the local office’s computer servers. … ‘Our server collapsed. It wasn’t able to handle that many applications,’ said Ikea Spain’s Rodrigo Sanchez. ‘We never expected to have so many applications in such a short time.’

Well, the situation is the same everywhere, not only in the PIIGS, and the thing to do is a ‘radical change’ in the approach to work. Before the petroleum age, 92% of people were self employed in agriculture, in the down of the bell towards the ‘end of the petroleum age’ the percentages will be more or less equal, in many fields.

Relying on governments, globalization, regionalization, banks, utilities, is totally not sustainable, trying to hold on to an obsolete concept of society, is not going to cut it. It is time to re-design sustainability, at local level, and from there take advantage as long as available to regional and global markets, but without forgetting that such markets are going to be extinct in the next two decades for the many.

It is time to create your own energy, your own food, your own job, your own communication circuits, time to stop looking for jobs and start producing, and most of all, time to transit into an economy of no debt and no money exchange not to be vulnerable to the ‘architects’ of this fraud, the ‘government extortion rackets’ of the corrupted political pigs and religions pigs servants of the usury banksters bribes rackets.

Create local ‘intrinsic value’ currencies, use sardine cans, hard boiled eggs, crackers and tuna-fish cans as currencies, and just trade within your neighborhood, close ‘all’ debts, accounts and all relations with the banksters mafia, pile up canned and dried foods, and weapons.


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