Feeding the Bubble: Is the Next Crash Brewing?

Feeding the Bubble: Is the Next Crash Brewing?

(from spiegel.de)

“Share prices are exploding on stock exchanges around the world, while real estate prices are rising at an alarmingly fast pace. And many US companies are now in as much debt as they were before the financial crisis … stock and real estate markets is beginning to feel uncanny to a growing number of observers. “It might go badly,” Nobel laureate Robert Shiller told SPIEGEL. Some economists are even convinced that the question is no longer whether the next crash is coming, but when”

Well, when the gas+oil solution reaches combined peak, is going down again. Now if the markets precede the peak, it may be 2014-2015, later if they kind like sit on a plateau that long. After, it should be worse than 2007, but only businesses can measure that, we had problems in 2005 that was possible to fix cutting, but 2006 was the killer year for businesses.

And one year later real estate crashed with the whole market. If QE would have ‘preceded’ the crash, maybe it could have been better, but we know that governments of leeches parasites, only rescue banksters, the mafioso politicians pigs crooks, care less of the people, they just care for the usury filth bastards banking usury parasites, that finance their political mafia skim.

Where is Robespierre, when you need him ?. Maybe with politicians and usury banksters heads rolling, the problem can be solved.


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