Italy | Economic Forecasts | 2013-2015 Outlook

Italy | Economic Forecasts | 2013-2015 Outlook


“please take into account that because countries publish their data releases in different dates and sometimes with significant delays we may have to project past data which has already some time but was not yet released by official sources”

Well, here we have the other little piggies bearing gifts into the securities market, the energy outlook of the gas+oil incoming peak, and the FEDs looking at reducing QE, looks like a bubble going to explode upwards and downwards.

In addition, the outlook for Italy may be in reality way more negative, not so much because of simple numeric trends projections, which at this point may be very wide in outcomes, and will obviously fail to predict revolutions and market collapses, but also due to a myopic and corrupted political caste refusing doing what is needed for plain conflict of interest and criminal ‘merits,’ ‘not negotiable.’

It does not look so good as in the referenced document, in reality.


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