It’s spring at last in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s spring at last in Bosnia and Herzegovina

(from )

“have suffered under the administration of a vicious cabal of political oligarchs who have used ethno-nationalist rhetoric to obscure the plunder of BiH’s public coffers … official unemployment rate has remained frozen for years at around 40 percent, while the number is above 57 percent among youth … Pensions are miserly too; the sight of seniors digging through waste bins … while the wages of BiH’s armies of bureaucrats and elected officials have only grown … it took sixteen months for a state government to be formed, one which collapsed almost immediately thereafter … suspicions of corruption and bribery … hounding the few independent journalists and activists who dared challenge … they have only cemented the oligarchs in their posts while the pleas and demands of ordinary citizens, students, workers and civil rights activists have been ignored … A big part of corrupted activities stem from relations of government officials and commercial banks”

If it did not say Bosnia and Herzegovina in the title, it could have looked like an article about italy, where a caste of mafioso oligarchs colluded with banking mobsters and cristian pigs at the vatican, have stolen anything that could be stolen from the country.

We may see when the italian spring starts.


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