EU warns Italy is in economic trouble, France to miss deficit targets

EU warns Italy is in economic trouble, France to miss deficit targets


“excessive in Croatia, Italy and Slovenia … Italy has to address the very high level of public debt and weak external competitiveness; both are ultimately rooted in the protracted sluggish productivity growth and demand urgent policy attention,” the Commission said … reaching and sustaining very high primary budget surpluses and economic growth for a long time, needed to bring down debt, would be a major challenge … So far, Rome’s efforts were not enough, the Commission said”

Parsonage economics, Italy is the most corrupted country of the EU, the christos may have a plan to take down France with them, maybe the god bankers and wall street have something to do with all this ? ‘New World Order ?,’ wall street and the usually treasonous pedofile genocide vatican state taking down the EU ?, does it not look suspicious ?.

Results in Italy ?, let’s forget about them, if anybody may mention the issues, they tell you they are full of merits and not negotiable in their christian marxist parsonage dementia, so do what thou wilt, arguing with such ‘caste’ of pasdaran, is a waste of good air, discussing issues with christo-marxist-mobsters-taleban, also, they only do what is convenient for their conflict of interest gigs, the only options are either ignore them until SHTF, or short them.


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