If You’re Waiting For An “Economic Collapse”, Just Look At What Is Happening To Europe

If You’re Waiting For An "Economic Collapse", Just Look At What Is Happening To Europe

(from zerohedge.com)

“open up your eyes and look at what is happening in Europe. The entire continent is a giant economic mess right now. Unemployment and poverty levels are setting record highs, car sales are setting record lows, and there is an ocean of bad loans and red ink everywhere you look … just a few of the statistics that show that an “economic collapse” is happening in Europe right now … unemployment rate … youth unemployment rate in Italy … level of poverty in Italy is now the highest that has ever been recorded … warning of “widespread social tension and unrest” … Citigroup is projecting that Italy’s debt to GDP ratio will surpass 140 percent by the year 2016 … Citigroup is projecting that Greece’s debt to GDP ratio will surpass 200 percent by the year 2016 … For 2013, car sales in Europe were on pace to hit the lowest yearly level ever recorded … Deutsche Bank, probably the most important bank in Germany, is the most highly leveraged bank in Europe (60 to 1) and it has approximately 70 trillion dollars worth of exposure to derivatives”

Short them, tecnically failed, no hope, the mafio-christian usury predators mandarins running the EC are all worried simply to re-create the holocaust, this time instead than a genocide, as a cleptocide.

Investing in Europe is suicidal at this point, better pull out before it may be too late, possibly Britain may be the last place to be for now.

There will be soon a chance of buying European infrastructure for close to nothing, the cristo-mafia mandarins there will be selling their governments for nothing, everything just to keep their 25 golden pensions, they have bankrupted their banks, soon won’t be able to pay stipends and pensions, lot of strategic assets to buy for close to nothing from the corrupted pigs of the christian mafia running the hitlers reichskonkordat germany and mussolini lateran pacts italy.


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