German, Italian finance ministers urge growth in WSJ op-ed

German, Italian finance ministers urge growth in WSJ op-ed


“Berlin and Rome agree on what Europe’s economic agenda should be … is clear that sustainable growth must be our common and essential goal … promoting growth is the best way to keep the extremist, anti-European parties in check … growth can be achieved by applying in full the existing fiscal framework … urge structural reforms, deeper EU integration, and boosting private and public investment”

HOT (hope, optymism, technology,) associated with economics quackery, AKA another religion, OTOH they don’t define ‘sustainable growth,‘ which makes their economics just a bit more complicated, because of hiding non proven dogma beyond complex mathematics, than theologysts and politicians, is the the devil fault, or maybe the communists fault, those are not that different scape goat than the ‘populism,’ as well as monetary inefficiency, the second just a bit more difficult to grasp as concept, for the non adept to the religious cult of economics, but same soup, with slightly different dressing.

Now, when you go down in the reading you find that one component of (the euro economists pharaos architects plan of) ‘sustainable growth’ (interesting oximoron, notice they make no mention of ‘thermodinamic efficiency,’ and related mechanisms of virtual growth,) is ‘applying in full the existing fiscal framework,’ AKA ‘more taxation,’ (what is ‘in full ?’ 100% taxation ?, ‘slavery ?,’ they should call it as is in the ‘new world order‘ plan, (FEMA, Standard Oil IG Farben, et cetera,) but in saying so, then they would scare people,)the next one is ‘structural reforms, deeper EU integration,’ which translates in the vatican puppet, J.P.Morgan’s banks, predatory ‘plan’ to demolish european countries constitutions, in favor of a more ‘usury friendly’ ‘new world order’ cristo-nazi design, and finaly, the pearl of all this ‘plan,’ ‘boosting private and public investment’ which translates into making countries bankrupt with more public spending (in rescuing bankrupted corrupted banks, in financing quackeries countries, a notorious one the satanic rogue genocide and pedophile state of the vatican of the reickskonkordat and lateranian pacts, and all the other cabal of christo-economic-usury-political thieves,) and selling their failed chatedrals in the desert to private stock holders, cooking the books, or even better, steal from their pensions and bank accounts to finance the scheme, hallelujah.

Europe is dead because they don’t know what they are doing, harsh reality, italy shot itself in both feet stopping nuclear, to gain a few votes to preserve their christo mafia caste power, germany has recently repeited the same shortsighted move also to preserve their christo mafia caste power, also to get a fewer extra votes, once the german industry figures out that at 30c per kwh, they have a problem, europe will be a post-industrial civilization going back to the age of coal, nobody wants to look at the issues ranging from increased sea level, to peak water and everytjhing else for a fact, since it touches their dogma of ‘monetary efficiency’ filling the pockers of christo thieves and usury thieves, however there may be something interesting to buy for close to nothing, at the euro bankruptcy sale, in the mean time, enjoy the piles of garbage christian and economic quackery have transformed the continent into.


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