Friends & Friction: Lessons from Piigs and Niggers

Friends & Friction: Lessons from Piigs and Niggers


“Another group of countries from which South Africa must learn is what I call the Niggers (Nigeria, India, Ghana, Guyana, Equatorial Guinea, Russia and Sudan). These had all the resources in the world yet dismally failed their people … South Africa has done much better than Nigeria because our leadership has largely been committed to the people … India, which gained independence nearly 70 years ago, brags about being the largest democracy in the world but still has untold levels of poverty. The country is proof that democracy can inadvertently keep the vast majority in perpetual poverty … When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia created oligarchs who looted state resources in the name of privatization. South Africa basically outsourced the state by putting everything out to tender without the necessary skills to police delivery. The result has been dismal. In the next five years, President Jacob Zuma and his party must ensure economic empowerment spreads more evenly.”

Well, the root problems are always the same, quackery based on dogma of over-procreation and overpopulation, and parasitism based on dogma of the discredited neither art nor science, economics charlatan dogma, resulting in absence of ‘thermodynamic efficiency’ in the process of production and trade.

The above are results of a number of rackets of parasites, such as political classes of incompetents thieves, mafia rackets of religion bastards and predatory criminal cartels of banking vultures directing a scheme of corruption, impoverishment, inefficiency, scarcity, and enslavement for pure greed and dominion agendas, plus various gnomes belonging to the corrupted media, finance and education system, besides other privileged clubs of vultures, sons of the white swan, a predatory self-referenced agenda where the people victims are floating the bill of the above psychopaths ‘merits’ and ‘not negotiability,’ with blood of predation, abuse and genocide.

My recommendation for all countries in serious distress, are:

1) State of emergency.
2) Confiscation trough nationalization of the national banking system.
3) Revocation of all licenses for foreign banking systems.
4) Penalization of banking and against humanity crimes, with transfer of jurisdiction to tribunals of war.
5) ‘Conflict of interest’ compartmentalization between financial sector, justice, religion, political system and educational system, which prevents for twenty years the access from one sector to the other.
6) Loss of ‘religion/banking/educational’ status (designation changed into ‘rackets,’) classification (and automatic forfeiting of exemptions granted, and properties, held in trust for justice redistribution to the victims,) for religions and financial entities, for which has been established a clear violation of the classification ruling with ‘political action,’ ‘bribery,’ ‘genocide,’ ‘crimes against humanity,’ subversive/eversive action against the legitimate nation/state powers.
7) Elimination of obsolete sources of law and elimination of juridical personality (to remain solely limited to public and local specific projects of public interest, also limited in time and by project charter, at project completion.)
8) Conversion to ‘energy accounting’ and ‘energy currency.’
9) Conversion (with the exclusion of justice, military, treasury and health,) of ‘public entities’ into non profit public self sustaining (as mutual rescue structures) NGOs solely devoted to public interest within the territorial jurisdiction, and with specific ban from bylaws, of any and all possibility of indebtment, and any and all decisions based upon and mention in any circumstance, to quackeries such as religion, economics, politics, finance, usury, and other non-scientific (of hard science,) idiocies.
10) A technocratic democratic process which establishes the rose of eligible candidates (anybody lacking minimum requirements, ineligible,) for a specific position, within, and only within, clear ‘proved’ experts of the matter, with sufficient life experience, (e.g. county urban planning assessor, minimum title PHD in architecture or equivalent, minimum experience, twenty years as architect,) where the level of prior responsibility gets higher with the higher position in government (e.g. secretary of energy, PHD in physics or equivalent, Nobel price preferred, 35 years of experience in physics, energy, or equivalent.)


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