Italy cancels the country history (the colonialism nazi-vatican nazi-christian is revising history as usual)

Italy losing it’s national identity memory


“Con il taglio dei finanziamenti entro l’anno potrebbe chiudere l’Archivio Centrale dello Stato, la struttura che conserva la storia del Paese attraverso milioni di documenti.”

However the parasites remain, the taxpayer moneys to the pedophile genocide vatican parody of a state and parody of a religion, still there, the 25 pensions of mafioso barons and church kissass gnomes of the pedophile genocide predatory mafia racket state of the Vatican, the parody of a religion, the ‘prostitute of Babylon’ racket of satanic worshipers sold to the chickenbrains as ‘godly’, the ‘new world order’ christo-usury-massacre plan of the conspiracy of nazi wall street and german banksters, with the christo-pedophile genocide vatican sub-humans, still there, they always find moneys for themselves, the treasonous catholic mafioso racket of godly pigs.

‘Plausible denial’ move meant to ‘destroy’ the historical existence of the Italian nation, in order to impose the ‘revision’ of history by the vatican rogue state of predators genocide pigs, (obviously they want to erase the proofs of their christo-pigs crimes,) hallelujah.

And ‘yes,’ cato-marxism and nazism are the same thing, same ‘architects’ pedophile and genocides at the vatican satanic apostasy. Is time of payback, now ‘we’ ask the rogue genocide pedophile state of the vatican to be bombed, once each, our turn now.

As far as the ‘Italian nation’ should be concerned, catholicism and vatican are synonyms of ‘treason.’


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