Troubling Signs for a Europe ETF

Troubling Signs for a Europe ETF


“Putting EZU’s weakness in fundamental terms is not difficult. France and Germany combine for over 61% of the ETF’s weight. Italy chimes in at 7.6%. Add Italy and Spain’s weights in EZU and the number is 19.2%, which is problematic at a time of weakness for PIIGS equities. [France ETF Could Lag Europe Rivals] Weakness in the volatile PIIGS equity markets is sapping EZU’s relative strength. “It is also interesting how the relative strength breakdown was an early indication of the price weakness to follow,” notes J. Beck. Investors have not been shy about pulling capital from EZU. The ETF saw redemptions of $921.4 million last week. The ETF has lost $1.6 billion this quarter, but EZU is far from the only Europe ETF investors are departing.”

Well, if there is any common sense left, the EC ran by christian populist parasites, with a ‘non economy’ in the richest zones (based mainly on predatory practices and legalized banking robberies in the poor zones,) added to the bankruptcy impending of the PIIGS zone, minus ireland, would suggest anybody reasonable to move someplace else.

The EC had a great opportunity with the 2014 elections, but wasted it, because apparently the christian banking nazi neocons mafia (mainly vatican catholic pigs religion related countries,) has corrupted even the progressive areas, into it’s idiocy of negating common EU debt and QE. As it stands, the EC is trending to technical bankruptcy, before 2017.


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