NATO leaders call on Kiev to show “utmost restraint” in its military operation

NATO leaders call on Kiev to show “utmost restraint” in its military operation


“We encourage Ukraine to further promote an inclusive political process, based on democratic values and respect for human rights, minorities, and the rule of law,” the document says. “We welcome (Ukrainian) President (Petro) Poroshenko’s Peace Plan and call on all parties to meet their commitments, including those made in Geneva and Berlin. We call on Russia to engage in a constructive dialogue with the Ukrainian government.”

It is hard to understand if NATO is reasoning on it’s own, or it reflects the ‘orders’ of the US administration, itself a corrupted puppet of nazi christian mafia interests, of 300 families of wall street genocide bankers oil tycoons, of which the pope of the satanic treasonous mafioso pedophile genocide state of the vatican is one of the accomplices, if not the chief crook.

It would be advisable Europe would separate itself from NATO, creating it’s own structure under French and British nuclear power, in order not to be defrauded by the US christian nazi banking treasonous wall street nazi christian mafia interests, and taken into another war in Europe that would only enrich wall street christian mobster oil bankers, and the treasonous parasite rogue state of the vatican, pedophile, genocide, mafioso, and it’s predatory banking racket of the mafia and god.

Gorbachev on Ukraine: Terrifying massacre in store for Europe


It is also noticeable the treasonous US ally, manipulated by catholic/christian nazi holy wars interests, and banking/predation nazi war profits interests, is trying everything it can, to foment a war in ukraine, with the hidden purpose of provocation towards the final target of a destruction of europe, and it is known, that the nazi american christian filth party, the nazi GOP corrupted by the christian racket mob of a god pig like them, and the nazi banksters of the petroleum racket, are behind the financing of ukraine kiev neo-nazi parties and terrorism.

Such an idiotic policy from the part of the US administration, may end in the US not having any more presence in europe, something NATO christian nazi puppetmasters in DC may want to consider, besides probably changing all assets for future trade. Reason would indicate in the vatican, wall street, DC, florida, nebraska, and all the bases in europe, the most likely targets of a first strike, or light retaliation, hopefully, if putin is not their accomplice too.


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