Lipstick on PIIGS

There are several issues contributing to the PIIGS problems, not all apply to all, but most apply to the most:

Social sabotage from the part of religions: Notice that all the countries with excessive bigotry, are pretty much at the bottom of the list of Europeans economies. Nothing to be surprised, everybody has noticed the bankruptcies of Marxist socialisms in Russia, Clerical Socialisms are not any better in terms of corruption, and religious rackets hijacking of governments powers, those religions can be actually seen as they are, mafia-like structures involved in attempts to milk and subvert any country they touch, other than ruin countries with their favorite ‘weapon of mass destruction,’ ‘the population bomb,’ AKA unlimited foolish procreation. All those tax exempt rackets have to chose if to be political parties, religions or businesses, pick ‘one’ of the three, and stop milking countries.

Tax evasion: For whatever reason, most of the soft belly of Europe is not willing to address the situation, because legality is a farce in the countries dominated by castes of sons of the white duck (or swan.) Tax evasion is a ‘political’ issue, and it is profoundly unjust that the EC would permit castes of political scumbags to protect tax evasion of their rackets, while at the same time letting those ‘regimes’ of leaches continue milking the populations of their countries with idiotic and unacceptable tax rates and fees, or even worse with ‘institutionalized robberies’ into pensions funds. Probably tax rates and pensions rules, should be ‘fixed and equal’ for the whole EC, so that the ‘castes’ would be ‘persuaded’ into looking at stopping their corrupted management of indecent ‘conflict of interest.’ The countries persisting in protecting tax evasion, should eventually be ‘expelled’ from the Union, unless the EC is planning to become a colonial racket letting the castes milk like the mafia the people of the member nations, a slippery slope, because it may cause revolutions and affect the value at risk of the ‘whole’ community wealth.

Excess of bureaucracy and regulations: This is a problem affecting the whole EU, and the cause of the problem are retrograde laws, protecting retrograde labor legislation, both protecting inefficiency and lack of productivity, due to incompetence and ‘conflict of interest’ in changing anything, because of convenience of the castes of the parasites, to keep processing with middle age methods, what today could be done with maybe 5% of fixed costs by ‘computers.’ Furthermore while in northern Europe things work, the retrograde middle age castes in the PIIGS nations, care less of fixing anything, all they care is fixing ‘their conflict of interest privileges,’ in so it would be healthy that the EC would ‘impose’ to all the member nations ‘specific” limits of fixed costs for public structures, such as ‘the minimum number of citizens served’ for each lander/region, province/county/district, and cities. In the soft belly of Europe there are cities with 100 residents, ‘a waste of taxpayer money,’ meant only to fix political clientèle of chair-warmers, as there are beneficiaries of accumulated numbers of ‘golden pensions’ for which the administrations ‘they managed or were politically involved with’ never paid into the pension system. That is where the EU rescue also goes into, paying the fat cat pension skims, there is a need of a ‘unified’ ‘centralized’ EU pension fund, that makes things ‘fair’ across the whole Euro Zone, otherwise the ‘castes’ of the PIIGS will keep milking the system.

Non uniform legislation, especially pertaining human rights: Probably it could be a good move to unify the codes of law in the whole community, expecting the inefficiency of the castes in the PIIGS to re-write their 18th century codes, is dreaming. All those folks do in the soft belly of Europe, is promoting their own interests, and warming up chairs while paid in gold, with borrowed money. They claim that their ‘meritocracy’ is ‘not negotiable,’ and entitles them to ruin their nations, steal from their citizens pensions, milk their citizens with taxations at levels of slavery, imprison them with christo-fascist laws preserved from the times, for the ‘convenient use’ of protecting dissent to their crimes. Expecting these castes of corrupted incompetents to reform anything in the PIIGS, is dreaming, they can only reform their golden pensions and other castal privileges, increasing them at every turn. Only unified European codes, can take the third world countries of the soft belly of Europe, back to the civilized world.

Absence of sanity in Industrial and Energy policy: Same issue, if Europe does not step in, the primitive holy corrupted incompetent administrations and politics of the soft belly, may never get a clue. It takes more ECB intervention, but ‘directly’ to the productive parts of nations, bypassing the christo, political, and criminal lobbies ‘skimming’ and diverting money to their legions of useless chair-warmers and useless institutions. This situation in the PIIGS is practically unmanageable.


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