Italy | Economic Forecasts | 2013-2015 Outlook

Italy | Economic Forecasts | 2013-2015 Outlook


“please take into account that because countries publish their data releases in different dates and sometimes with significant delays we may have to project past data which has already some time but was not yet released by official sources”

Well, here we have the other little piggies bearing gifts into the securities market, the energy outlook of the gas+oil incoming peak, and the FEDs looking at reducing QE, looks like a bubble going to explode upwards and downwards.

In addition, the outlook for Italy may be in reality way more negative, not so much because of simple numeric trends projections, which at this point may be very wide in outcomes, and will obviously fail to predict revolutions and market collapses, but also due to a myopic and corrupted political caste refusing doing what is needed for plain conflict of interest and criminal ‘merits,’ ‘not negotiable.’

It does not look so good as in the referenced document, in reality.


Feeding the Bubble: Is the Next Crash Brewing?

Feeding the Bubble: Is the Next Crash Brewing?


“Share prices are exploding on stock exchanges around the world, while real estate prices are rising at an alarmingly fast pace. And many US companies are now in as much debt as they were before the financial crisis … stock and real estate markets is beginning to feel uncanny to a growing number of observers. “It might go badly,” Nobel laureate Robert Shiller told SPIEGEL. Some economists are even convinced that the question is no longer whether the next crash is coming, but when”

Well, when the gas+oil solution reaches combined peak, is going down again. Now if the markets precede the peak, it may be 2014-2015, later if they kind like sit on a plateau that long. After, it should be worse than 2007, but only businesses can measure that, we had problems in 2005 that was possible to fix cutting, but 2006 was the killer year for businesses.

And one year later real estate crashed with the whole market. If QE would have ‘preceded’ the crash, maybe it could have been better, but we know that governments of leeches parasites, only rescue banksters, the mafioso politicians pigs crooks, care less of the people, they just care for the usury filth bastards banking usury parasites, that finance their political mafia skim.

Where is Robespierre, when you need him ?. Maybe with politicians and usury banksters heads rolling, the problem can be solved.

Spain Ikea receives 20,000 applications for 400 jobs

Spain Ikea receives 20,000 applications for 400 jobs


“A flood of more than 20,000 jobseekers applying for just 400 jobs at a new Ikea megastore in Spain overwhelmed the local office’s computer servers. … ‘Our server collapsed. It wasn’t able to handle that many applications,’ said Ikea Spain’s Rodrigo Sanchez. ‘We never expected to have so many applications in such a short time.’

Well, the situation is the same everywhere, not only in the PIIGS, and the thing to do is a ‘radical change’ in the approach to work. Before the petroleum age, 92% of people were self employed in agriculture, in the down of the bell towards the ‘end of the petroleum age’ the percentages will be more or less equal, in many fields.

Relying on governments, globalization, regionalization, banks, utilities, is totally not sustainable, trying to hold on to an obsolete concept of society, is not going to cut it. It is time to re-design sustainability, at local level, and from there take advantage as long as available to regional and global markets, but without forgetting that such markets are going to be extinct in the next two decades for the many.

It is time to create your own energy, your own food, your own job, your own communication circuits, time to stop looking for jobs and start producing, and most of all, time to transit into an economy of no debt and no money exchange not to be vulnerable to the ‘architects’ of this fraud, the ‘government extortion rackets’ of the corrupted political pigs and religions pigs servants of the usury banksters bribes rackets.

Create local ‘intrinsic value’ currencies, use sardine cans, hard boiled eggs, crackers and tuna-fish cans as currencies, and just trade within your neighborhood, close ‘all’ debts, accounts and all relations with the banksters mafia, pile up canned and dried foods, and weapons.

The Great Sell-Off: Milan Mired in Crisis of Money and Spirit

The Great Sell-Off: Milan Mired in Crisis of Money and Spirit


“The days when Milan could call itself a bastion of growth and progress in Italy seem to be gone. As the crisis swells the ranks of the poor, members of the city’s business elite are jockeying for foreign investors while squabbling with courts over various legal entanglements.”

Well, for a minute we thought that the great challenges of modern times, ‘peak resources,’ ‘population bomb,’ ‘monetary inefficiency,’ could have caused a great awakening effect over the leading classes towards ‘reason,’ since we thought such caste to be too ignorant of scientific and geopolitics issues to make proper decisions.

Now we know it was all a dream, the caste is a decomposed cadaver like cancer, but actually not stupid when it comes to it’s convenient conflict of interest, and we know as well that the country has no legality any longer, having traded ‘justice’ for caste convenience of unwarranted privileges of sophistic alleged ‘merits’ in matters of quackery.

There is no way out of this insanity for Italy, besides an unthinkable coup of some good patriotic souls, the country is doomed, the future, a christo talebanate of lawless arbitrary corruption and legalized extortion driven pseudo governance, a banana republic, hundred years of the democracy of the christo marxist charlatans, transformed a world power into a christo mafia pit, hallelujah.

Is Italy Facing the Stability of the Graveyard?

Is Italy Facing the Stability of the Graveyard?


“But last it has—and on the surface, Mr. Letta’s position now looks stronger than ever”

Well, first of all the planet needs to understand that Italy is not a normal country any longer, after the vatican mafia, with wall street blessings, has corrupted it to the bones, and transformed it in a south american banana republic, strictly under god, IOW, a parsonage of crime.

In second instance, it can be expected that the practical application of a “cult of death,” AKA “religion mafia,” can not produce better stability than the one of a cemetery.

EU Warns Italy, Spain on Their Budgets

EU Warns Italy, Spain on Their Budgets


“Italy, the No. 3 economy in the 17-country eurozone, was cited Friday for missing its debt reduction goal for next year. Spain, the No. 4 economy, was warned its deficit would just barely breach the figure agreed with the commission … The commission said in a statement that it now “invites” officials and legislators in the affected countries to take steps to bring their 2014 budgets into compliance with the rules … If countries wind up actually breaking the rules, the commission can put them on a recovery plan, called an excessive deficit procedure, that aims to gradually guide them back to full compliance”

Good luck, the GIPSIC countries have ‘one problem’ which is the ‘same problem’ for all. ‘Political catholicism,’ a mix between socialism and mafia, rigorously ‘under god plans,’ which produces only servility, parsonage culture, bribes, corruption, tax evasion, besides incontrollable over-procreation, immigration and crime, since they are in the business of forgiving sins with taxpayers moneys, a very lucrative market, and the more sinners they have, and the better off they are.

Now, it could be easy to change, but when you listen to the ‘chief architects’ of the godly skim, they say they are ‘not negotiable’ and their ‘caste merit’ is ‘untouchable’ even at the risk of bankrupting their countries, and transform them in a gigantic garbage pit, obviously not a problem for the blessed by god, their godly banks, their international rackets of revolutions financed by the holy inquisition of Christian terrorism, and so forth.

Maybe you need two EU, one of ‘normal’ people, and one as a Christos marxist talebanate, which includes all countries run by the Christian mafia criminal incompetence, destined to move towards the third world, sad situation, many who have seen this process of balcanization and transformation into talebanates of the soft belly of Europe, should be ‘rightfully afraid’ this process may result into a world scale war and into genocide, massacres, revolutions and destruction.

History does not lie, where there are christians and marxists, there is genocide, predation, murder, extortion, usury, abuse, ‘a fact,’ and countries which can not remove with the scalpel the religious quackeries (christianity and marxism cancer,) from governance, are doomed. As they say in Rome, ‘They were right the romans, that were writing on marble,’ IOW ‘if you want to see the marble of the coliseum, go see the Vatican,’ in two millennia they have not lost the habit, they are still milking the cow.

And for all the masters of quackeries looking for ‘growth,’ regardless of the type, over-procreation, over-depletion, over-creation of mountains of garbage, et cetera:

One, the economy is to serve the people and not the people to serve the economy. Two, development is about people and not about objects. Three, growth is not the same as development, and development does not necessarily require growth. Four, no economy is possible in the absence of ecosystem services. Five, the economy is a subsystem of a larger finite system, the biosphere, hence permanent growth is impossible. And the fundamental value to sustain a new economy should be that no economic interest, under no circumstance, can be above the reverence for life. (Manfred Max-Neef)

Exit Clause: Merkel’s Partners Want Broke Countries Out of Euro

Exit Clause: Merkel’s Partners Want Broke Countries Out of Euro


“In the text, which has been seen by SPIEGEL ONLINE, the CSU, the Bavarian sister party to Merkel’s CDU, calls for repeat deficit offenders to exit the euro zone. … The CSU wants member states who will not be in a position in the foreseeable future to fulfill the stability criteria of the Maastricht Treaty to be given the possibility of temporarily leaving the euro zone”

Well it is a match made in heaven, the german ‘christos’ usury masters of the NWO conspiracy of predation, have the same ‘interests’ (AKA usury predation and speculation,) of the christos bolshevists castes in the GIPSIC zone, ‘in the holy predation war,’ started by the fraud of the two terms of the grandson of hitler banker, in nazi-christo-mafia-bolshevist wall street, AKA ‘the new world order,’ of predation of citizens and countries, to allow for the ‘superior race’ ‘with standards’ of the ‘not negotiable,’ unlimited profits and absolute power, trough government contracts frauds and manipulation of justice and social fairness.

On top of this conspiracy the filthy racket of ‘not negotiable’ ‘religions’ (specifically the christian-catholic sewage,) and the mafia racket of usury banksters ‘meritable’ crime cartels, the ‘international racket’ of the NWO, AKA the fourth reich of the christo predatory genocides, in the US and the vatican, the money masters, the ‘architects’ of privatization of profits and socialization of losses. Now, politics have an easy and effective tool to permit a surge of neo (christo usury) nationalism among the creditors, and of neo (parsonage socialist) populism, with the ‘hidden agenda’ of a final extermination of the ‘dissidents’ of their christo mafia crime cartel.

Given how things are going in Italy, it is almost certain at this point (for lack of evidence of any ‘serious’ political action, and theater political and governance behavior,) that the soap opera among the pdl, the pd, and the castes of the meritable chair-warmers and not negotiable godly extortionists, is a joke, not to have to tell the Italian population that the not negotiable and meritable bankrupted the country with their leaching, and the country has no other way to proceed if not going back to the lira, for the purpose of further robbing (legally) in the exchange, half the wealth of the people (as successfully they did once going from lira to Euro,) ‘or’ alternatively, of introducing a combined greece-cyprus model predation plan, to guarantee the merit of the not negotiable, or the not negotiable merit, an easy lift from the people miserable wealth, IOW ‘an offer you can’t refuse, ‘with both meanings.’

The question the citizens of Europe (and not only,) should pose themselves at any level, would be: ‘is there anybody left’ in banking usury predation castes, economics quackery castes, financial robbery castes, political leeching castes, religious filthy extortion castes, which ‘is not’ ‘part of the conspiracy’ of the new world order ? And organize resistance accordingly, the situation of Europe is similar to the scenario analyzed by the designers of ‘stay behind’ except that instead of being invaded by the Russians, the ‘invaders’ are the christo socialists mafia rackets of banksters, politicians, economists and religious parasites.

IOW, ‘resist,’ is for now, before it gets to the extermination camps, again. As they say in Naples, ‘the rotten fish stinks from the head,’ but the throat is close enough, either the people who can see, may wipe ‘them’ out on time, or the populations will be ‘decimated’ as they say at the professors clubs (secret societies,) meetings, with the blessing of the terrorist secret societies of genocidal religion, AKA the Opus Dei, the god bank, and so on, the parsonage terrorist network.

Either religious and economic usury quackeries are ‘disposed of’ or humanity will be disposed of, chose, collective suicide or action, TINA, there is no other option than interesting times, times of change, turbulent changes, before the ‘architects’ get to mass extermination, ‘predation of assets’ is the ‘first step,’ prerequisite of all christo-marxist historical genocides, ‘wake up,’ ‘you are the victims’ and the ‘not negotiable’ and ‘meritable’ are the ones that ‘want you dead,’ and go hug your soldiers and policemen, ‘you need their help’ ‘to re-establish justice.’

The Quiet Collapse of the Italian Economy

The Quiet Collapse of the Italian Economy


“It is no overstatement that the Italian economy is currently collapsing … the LTRO scheme has also become an instrument for the relatively orderly withdrawal of international investors from Italy, especially French and German, whose share of public debt has fallen from 51% to 35% … signal which goes in the opposite direction of an increased interdependency as would be expected from a monetary union in preparation for a political union … The truth is that the Italian state went bankrupt in summer 2011 … ECB and political authorities in Europe have agreed to create around the country’s finances the appearance of a market, which is in fact, as the numbers above show, largely artificial … investments have collapsed by 27.6% in the five year period, against 12.8% in the interwar depression … the country has lost over 31,000 companies … the borrowing scheme has been engineered with the help of the ECB and the banking sector … taxes … have a depressing effect on the economy, not to mention their unviability in a largely clientelistic, if not openly kleptocratic system … it is not difficult to imagine that, in a few months, despite the new taxes, the sheer collapse of entire sectors of the economy will cause a rapid contraction of tax revenues … Italy will simply run out of options, and it will require additional measures from the EU … some sort of bailout”

Well, the options are only Euro QE or Cyprus scheme banks accounts cleanup, eventually followed by Greek style re-negotiation of debt. If you are in the sectors penalized in Greece (public television, public education, et cetera,) that is ‘the future,’ however as in Greece if you are part of the ‘caste,’ it won’t probably make that much difference, until a revolution or a military coup takes over, like in 1967, this time it may be a lot harder than back then, since parasitism is a rule in the PIIGS zone, I hope I’m wrong, but I would expect a civil war as a result of the PIIGS domino default, unless again the banking mafia decides for QE on the Euro, but I guess they have rather sink like the titanic sipping their brandy in the ballroom, so, good luck.

Italy denies using derivatives to get into euro zone

Italy denies using derivatives to get into euro zone


“There is a time bomb in the public accounts … Many mistakes were made in the 1990s to get Italy into the euro … today they transform into even more debt, hidden by the official accounts in an very grey area of the Treasury that only a few people are able to understand and manage … The reported technique is redolent of derivative and accounting devices used by Greece to mask the weakness of its public finances before it joined the euro zone”

Now you know why the prior government has been stealing out of your pensions contributions, ‘and’ now you know why this government is ready to continue stealing out of your pensions contributions, they are now using your pensions contributions as an ATM machine, and next they will start taking money out of your bank accounts, to finance their meritable not negotiable christo-marxist skim, do not worry.

“But” the first real estate multinational in Europe, the Vatican, is still tax exempt, foraged with 10b plus a year, (here the EU hypocrites don’t say nothing, since they are all christian NWO racketeers too,) and your meritable parasites all have millionaires golden parachutes and ten pensions each, the country has probably thousands city counsels for 100 people cities, and 7000 useless public offices to accommodate the sons of the white swan of the limited sovereignty republic-parsonage under the two religious quackeries, Marxism and Christianity rackets, without even counting the ‘cathedrals in the desert,’ guess so it goes in the land of the legalized cato-marxist extortion rackets and casino finance, under the pope king.

Well, you have two options there, one is to die under a bridge with the sins forgiven by marx and god, ‘divested’ of anything you have, to keep paying the meritable and not negotiable christo-marxist rackets, or hang them all, up to you, you have to live ‘there,’ ‘chose,’ hallelujah. Then there is a third option, the ‘known plan,’ probably the wiser thing to do at this point, but the decision in merit is up to the presidency, before things spin out of control, and it is just a matter of time, only one thing is certain, not negotiable and meritable are castes of leaches the country can not afford any longer.

TV Makes You Stupid

TV Makes You Stupid


“I haven’t watched TV since 1969. I worked in it for decades, and knew enough not to watch it … My wife watches reality shows, saying ‘look how stupid this is.’ That’s why people watch it; these shows are deliberately stupid … TV is bad: it caters to sucking as many people as possible in to watch for the purpose of selling ads … TV is going away, since only older people are still watching. People today watch the Internet instead. The Internet can make you stupid or smart, depending on what you do there … I worked in TV ever since high school. Working in TV is very different from watching it. I used to design weapons of mass destruction, too, but never shot off a boomer myself … Any time one person is watching TV, another person is reading, studying, exercising, and otherwise getting ahead of the loser in front of the TV”

So, today I read an editorial on one of the usual cato-marxist public cow financed, ministry of truth, AKA Italian newspapers, that goes on and on, talking of why today not watching television, is like in the last century, not reading classic literature, (and then goes on even misspelling the title of a Hemingway book, hallelujah, god praise the circus of RAI and newspapers full of crap, paid with the Italian tax payer money, better, tax extortion, hallelujah.)

It can not be stated better, I threw away my last TV in 1996, and before that time I only watched CNN (that back then was a serious network,) the only good advice for TV viewers planet-wise (especially in Italy, where public television is a cato-marxist method of mass indoctrination and brainwashing of quackeries, by the ministry of truth,) is to throw your TV off a cliff, or mail it back to the RAI behemoth, garbage in garbage out, stop feeding your brain plain idiocies, hallelujah.

And while you are at it, also throw away systems built to make you more stupid, wasting your time in fixing them or getting them to work right, besides spying on every second of your life, like windows and the smart phones.

The elusive source of Portugal’s depression: privatizations ?

The elusive source of Portugal’s depression: privatizations ?


“How does this fit together into the decline in Portugal’s productivity? For maximizing efficiency and welfare, there is only one thing worse than a public monopoly: a government-protected private monopoly”

It fits, is the usual christo mafia monopoly logic of perpetuation of cathedrals in the desert, privatizations are good to become partners of ‘more efficient’ systems, but in the parsonage privatizations are always affected by conflict of interest of the usual christian mafia power gig.

In so, for the ones (as many others within the PIIGS, you are not alone,) the skim to protect the usual ‘caste’ has taken places into two different forms, ‘the Portugal method’ to make a public monopoly into a private monopoly, in order to grant the christo mafia continued benefits, and the Greek model, to get the privatizations handled by a usury leaches banksters predatory cartel (AKA racket,) also in order to grant the christo mafia continued benefits, some countries (like Italy,) even did ‘both,’ in ‘both’ ways, since Italy is a Christos Marxist talebanate.

The right way to privatize would have been to “merge” into major players, at EC level possibly, looking in that direction it appears trivial for instance the merging of Portuguese Airlines into ‘any’ of the Euro groups, (Lufthansa, Air France – KLM, or British,) but certainly something good for Portugal, (as in Italy and Greece,) is not so appealing to the christo mafia running our countries, hallelujah.

Spain: struggle against privatizations ongoing, Madrid docs

Spain: struggle against privatizations ongoing, Madrid docs


“The Madrid regional government plan includes cutting public health care costs by 7.7%, or 1.4 billion euros, total privatization of 10% of public clinics and six hospitals”

In a 10%, even up to 20% share, privatization is positive, because it puts stress on the behemoth public inefficiency creating competition and metrics of comparison of quality of services, ‘however’ we should first not forget that private medicine is ‘more expensive’ than public one, and second keep in mind that the problem of health (public or private the same,) is in reality in the ‘40% cost of administrative chair warmers,’ not as much in the hospitals, and ‘that’ is the place to cut with the scalpel ‘the cancer,’ milking the taxpayers.

Greek riot police storm former TV building, break up sit-in

Greek riot police storm former TV building, break up sit-in


“Riot police stormed the former Greek state television headquarters in Athens on Thursday and evicted dozens of journalists who were fired five months ago, ending a protracted sit-in against the broadcaster’s closure”

Oh well, those are puppets of the Greek version of the ‘caste,’ the loud mouths of the various ministries of truth, paid by government extortion on taxpayers, is good they go all home.

Public television, a behemoth of clientèle that just exists in third world countries, and even the corrupted journalism of puppets of the NWO leeches, supporting this information mafia, is going to be wiped out (hopefully soon,) by ‘free’ citizens journalism, of people with no ‘conflict of interest,’ hallelujah.

11 Signs That Italy Is Descending Into A Full-Blown Economic Depression

11 Signs That Italy Is Descending Into A Full-Blown Economic Depression


“with all of the austerity measures, the Italian government just continues to rack up even more debt. This is the exact same path that we watched Greece go down. Austerity causes government revenues to drop which causes deficit reduction targets to be missed which causes even more austerity measures to become necessary. But if Italy collapses economically, it is going to be a far bigger deal than what happened in Greece. Italy is the ninth largest economy on the entire planet”

All known, but the Italian, as many others, won’t just renounce to their godly and economic quackeries to save their country and themselves, listen to the Vatican architects, they state they are ‘not negotiable,’ then listen to the caste barons, they state they are ‘merit-able.’

The vision of the world in the bigotry and gerontocracy fried brains leading the country, has not changed at all with the world changes of three decades, and the fatalistic approach of all the Italian public and parsonage theater, (which at this point are ‘one’ because the christo mafia has ousted all their dissent,) has rather pretend to believe in miracles than doing anything against the ‘conflict of interest’ of such caste.

This is a clear sign that the national thinking process is not inspired by rationality, but only by dogmas quackeries, they all repeat the idiocies they have learned in their brain-washing parsonage-marxist media idiotic rhetoric, ‘forgetting’ that what has worked in the past for pure luck (read economists quackery,) won’t work any longer with changed conditions.

So for all the merit able quackeries, ‘listen carefully,’ we did not argue with your bullshit as long as there was enough to fund your quackery, in the base of fairness and justice which should characterize free will, but now please, try to use that brain you should (given the pomposity of your self-granted titles,) have at least in a minimal tiny size.

And for the religion quackery, ‘listen carefully,’ we did not argue with your bullshit as long as there was enough to fund your quackery, in the base of fairness and justice which should characterize free will (the same base of fairness and justice for which your genocide mafioso criminal institution has never acknowledged in 2000 years of genocides, holocausts and crimes,) but now please, try to use that brain that (you claim was given you by god,) and stop ‘sabotaging’ the interests of the people of Italy, (and the rest of the planet,) with your religious ‘idiocies,’ amen.

The stake of ‘your’ ‘irresponsible’ ‘caste’ ‘meritable’ and ‘not negotiable’ behavior, are in the short medium time frame, a ‘loss of credibility’ of the Italian ‘country’ (at the vatican, nobody believes any longer already, except among hyper-procreating ignorant idiots in third world countries,) for which it may take half a century possibly to recover from ‘in normal times’ but at this stage ‘impossible’ to recover from, given the planetary interesting times.

Now, ‘Do what thou wilt,’ ‘but’ stop blaming others for your national corruption, bigotry, myopic and psychotic parsonage obsession, for your five cents moral that applies only to the victims but not to the ‘architects,’ for your abuses of human rights (known all over the world, like your dictatorial laws over expression, and your worse than African prison conditions,) and let’s say it, for your ‘racism,’ ‘xenofobia,’ ‘omofobia,’ et cetera, it took me decades to get to this and after decades of honest reflections in the merit of ‘if the racism was in me or in the institutions,’ I have to acknowledge ‘the later.’

But OTOH, in the same decades I have also given up the bigotry of the ‘cult of genocides’ of your mafia religion. Sorry, I’m a fairly honest person, I don’t recognize myself supporting a conspiratorial racket of genocides and predations, a satanic catholic church of murders and extortions, an apostasy lasted 2000 years, I just have a minimum of conscience which your church (in the facts your ‘state religion,’) and your institutions ‘lack of,’ ‘but’ the few may acknowledge, to possibly make a last attempt into reformation (of both.)

And don’t think that because you have found a scape goat (like Berlusconi,) you may have solved your problem of mafia-style politically protected tax evasion (estimated in 300 billions a year,) or your medieval system of useless public bureaucracy and useless parsonage laws (estimated in another 200 billions a year, if not more,) or because you have found a scape goat (like the Nazi pope,) you may have solved your problem of mafia-style genocide state-religion octopus (situation confirmed by the number of sexual violence cases and financial frauds now being in trial all over the planet.) From the news, it does not look you have been entirely successful into ‘pretending’ to change and send home (or maybe to jail,) the ones responsible (the rest of them, not the Nazi pope and Berlusconi, estimated in about a couple of millions parasites, both in the church and in their puppet projects, and in the public administration and related puppet projects.)

Don’t worry, ‘if you think you will fool the planet with your quackeries,’ ‘not a chance,’ you (the country, at the Vatican nobody believes any longer,) are one minute from ‘planetary complete loss of credibility,’ hallelujah.


Insight: Ireland’s bailout report: Good, now fix public debt

Insight: Ireland’s bailout report: Good, now fix public debt


“At the height of the euro zone’s debt crisis in July 2011, Ireland’s bailout looked doomed. Its credit rating had been cut to junk and borrowing costs hiked to an eye-watering 15 percent … Driven deep into debt by a bank rescue and ballooning budget deficit, Dublin sought help in November 2010 to buy time to get its budget gap under control, overhaul its banks and regain market confidence. On those terms, the program has succeeded … Ireland has hit every major target and the economy is on the mend, albeit slowly. The country of 4.6 million, with its history of poverty and emigration, managed to pass on salary cuts and tax rises without large-scale protests and also rewarded the investors who swooped on debts ranging from bad bank loans and government bonds to hotels and property assets … debt level is very high and the position is still extremely fragile … the state still controls two of the three surviving domestically-owned banks and has a residual stake in the third. Credit is scarce, hundreds of thousands of homeowners owe more money than their property is worth and the arrears problem is causing mounting concern over balance sheets … Ireland’s “Celtic Tiger” model of growth is now clearly discredited. The empty housing estates built far from amenities are a stark reminder of a boom in which people mistakenly assumed accumulating more property guaranteed their future … While Dublin forges ahead, much of the countryside remains deep in depression with few jobs and shuttered shops, meaning the government must also now address a two-speed economy”

Well, Ireland has the same problem of too much do-gooders hypocrite Christian idiocy, in so they have a very high unemployment level because, as all the other PIIGS (and as the other christo capitalist quackery nations,) have not been able to go down to 30 hours a week on labor to offset the effects of automation.

Then, as all the other PIIGS, there is an excess of stat-ism of ‘cathedrals in the desert’ and possibly of useless laws, pursuing sins instead than crimes, quackery laws only generated to please the Christian quackery. Less presence of government in economics (such as only central bank majority, defense, justice and hospitals,) would ‘definitively’ help, and at the same time, the elimination of victim-less crimes from the sources of law, would do the second great financial improvements.

Ireland felled also victim of banksters usury speculation, as in any other weak systems, the christos friendly relation with nazi predatory wall street, and other banking usury crooks group, made easy for the parsonage to prey on the people of Ireland, a serious change to outs all the past actors of the christo-banksters robbery conspiracy, including sending banksters to prisons, would probably help. But as long as the catholic do-gooders mafia runs the show, there is no hope of a healthy recovery.